Yes, Insanity Asylum is Hard (Complete Review)

Alternatively, we’ve but to look a Shaun T program we’d name “simple.” Madness Asylum (Vol. 1) is sort of 30 directly days of unrelenting practising purgatory. (OK, that would possibly sound a smidge dramatic, however many agree that Asylum provides Madness a run for its cash.) This athletic-based program calls for an insane quantity of psychological self-control,
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Alternatively, we’ve but to look a Shaun T program we’d name “simple.”

Madness Asylum (Vol. 1) is sort of 30 directly days of unrelenting practising purgatory. (OK, that would possibly sound a smidge dramatic, however many agree that Asylum provides Madness a run for its cash.)

This athletic-based program calls for an insane quantity of psychological self-control, energy, and stamina. Shaun T even dubs those pace, agility, steadiness, and coordination-heavy workout routines the “toughest” you’ll ever take a look at … which is mildly terrifying bearing in mind he cooked up the OG Madness.

Learn extra in regards to the ridiculously difficult 30-day Madness Asylum program under.

In regards to the Writer – Shaun T

What began as an surprising Freshman 50 advanced into one of the a success health careers of all time. After gaining weight in faculty, Shaun T switched to an workout science main and briefly rediscovered his lifelong hobby for health.

The long run Beachbody SuperTrainer went from instructing dance categories to turning into a backup dancer for Mariah Carey to promoting 10+ million Insanity DVDs through 2015.

Since liberating Hip Hop Abs within the early 2000s, Shaun T introduced one breakout hit after every other — together with Focal point T25, Insanity, Insanity Max 30, and Madness: The Asylum.

What Is Madness: The Asylum?

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Insanity: The Asylum converts your lounge into an elite-level athletic practising camp. Shaun T packs 8 distinctive workout routines into this complicated 30-day program designed that will help you devour, carry out, educate, and — most significantly — glance like a celebrity athlete.

(Principally, it used to be All-American Muscle sooner than Athlean-X went mainstream.)

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Madness Asylum is solely as a lot energy, continual, staying power, and pace as it’s self-control, grit, and psychological center of attention.

Each and every straight-up punishing Asylum exercise introduces progression-based cross-training workout routines. The velocity rope, weightlifting, calisthenic, and plyometric soar practising will ignite your metabolism (for a shredded body) and come up with an athletic edge at the taking part in subject.

Whilst Asylum is a unique form of “intense” than the unique Madness, it contains simply two “true” leisure days (smartly, six if you happen to rely the Aid workout routines) and a 1,500–1,800-calorie vitamin. Theoretically, you must finish Asylum more healthy and ripped-er (is {that a} phrase?).

Caution: If you happen to haven’t finished Madness and even P90X, every Asylum exercise will really feel completely defeating (each mentally and bodily).

Asylum Main points & Options

Man and woman doing planks at the gym

To explain Asylum as “onerous” is an underestimation. Stay studying to be informed extra about Madness: The Asylum and what makes this one-month Shaun T program so darn ruthless.

What Apparatus Do You Want?

Like the unique Madness and Max 30, Asylum doesn’t require a lot in the way in which of apparatus. On the other hand, right here’s a have a look at what you will want:

  • An agility ladder*
  • A pace rope*
  • Dumbbells (choice: a resistance band set)
  • A chin-up bar

* If there’s ever a time to feel sorry about now not being born a decade previous, that is it. The now-vintage Asylum DVD set as soon as got here with the rate rope and the ladder.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Model 2

Each and every dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 kilos. Unexpectedly transfer from one workout to the following. You are not looking for a couple of dumbbells cluttering up your own home health club.

Exercise Instances

Asylum’s exercise instances vary from “actually, that’s it?” for the Time beyond regulation exercise and “who has the time?” for the near-62-minute Sport Day consultation.

This desk breaks down simply how lengthy the 8 Asylum workout routines are:

Insanity Asylum workout times table

Madness Asylum Time table

The agenda itself is a little unorthodox, however best as a result of Shaun T numbers the times (as an alternative of the usage of a weekly layout) and doesn’t cycle during the 8 workout routines in any explicit order.

Right here’s a better have a look at the 30 days forward whilst in Asylum:

Insanity Asylum workout calendar table

* Shaun T additionally inbuilt a restoration week if you happen to plan to take a look at both of the Madness Asylum hybrids in an instant after — Madness or P90X.

Extra In regards to the Madness Asylum Exercises

We’re best going to mention this as soon as: Madness Asylum isn’t Madness 2.0.

Sure, the workout routines in Insanity and Insanity Asylum are similarly difficult, they percentage the similar teacher, and Shaun T is as yell-y as ever. However Asylum’s 8 distinctive workout routines — as you’ll see under — are a totally other beast.

(Word: Asylum workout routines generally practice a circuit-style trend, with a number of workout routines lumped in combination into rounds with shorter 30-second water breaks wedged between them.)

Velocity & Agility

One does now not merely “ease into” Madness Asylum. (Thank you for that, Shaun T.)

This system starts with the Velocity & Agility exercise, which sounds easy sufficient … aside from it’s Shaun T and a member of the ball-breaking Madness line-up. The Velocity & Agility classes resemble monitor, football, soccer, and boxing footwork drills.

After a brief agility ladder and soar rope warm-up, you’ll overwhelm thru a number of rounds of workout routines like:

  • Mountain climber progressions
  • Agility sequences
  • Agility endure crawls
  • Agility contact squats
  • Go-cross/power-jumps
  • Agility planks
  • Hopscotches

(Hmm, we’re seeing a development right here.)

However Shaun T additionally rips the rug proper underneath your ft with an surprising psychological spin. It’s baffling how easy those pace and agility strikes glance — till your ft don’t cooperate.

Vertical Plyo

Vertical Plyo loops lower-body continual into the combo, and, guy, does this one decimate your legs. This time, Shaun T pushes you to leap upper and farther with power-based strikes like:

  • Low-stance jacks
  • Decoy cut up jumps
  • Status lengthy jumps
  • Scissor jumps
  • Unmarried-leg continual jumps
  • Lateral jumps

If you happen to’re winded from the warm-up’s broad spider lunges and adductor tuck jumps, you’ll be gasping for air and wobbling to the sofa after this 40-minute consultation.


Aid is the legitimate Asylum energetic restoration exercise. Between stretches like hip flexor stretches, arm rolls, and downward canine, Aid will loosen aggravating muscle tissues and straightforwardness soreness as you get ready for every other 2–3 directly days of Asylum practising.


Asylum’s Energy exercise receives rave evaluations from Madness customers, most commonly as it’s the badass circuit-style lifting consultation noticeably lacking from the unique Madness.

It’s time to in any case get away the ones dumbbells (or resistance bands) and the chin-up bar for 31 — sure, 31 — time-based energy workout routines, reminiscent of:

  • Innovative dumbbell rotations
  • Cranium crusher presses
  • Overhead presses
  • Frog jumps with single-leg planks
  • Hip flys

The plot twist (dun, dun, dun) is that water breaks are uncommon, and Shaun T calls for AMRAP in 30 or 60 seconds. Asylum Energy will take a look at your staying power and full-body energy.

Sport Day

Sport Day will both be your favourite Asylum exercise (particularly if you happen to’re a former athlete or health club elegance hero) or come up with not-so-great flashbacks of eleventh grade P.E. On Sport Day, Shaun T walks you thru athletic drills for just about a dozen sports activities, from tennis to browsing to baseball.

This hour-long Asylum drill presses thru 34 thrilling workout routines, together with:

  • One mile run
  • Rock mountaineering push-ups
  • 100-meter agility dashes
  • Bounce photographs
  • Fastened mat maneuvers (wrestling)
  • Football kicks
  • Tennis volleys
  • Lineman’s drills

Truly, if any exercise makes you doubt your sanity or believe quitting this system fully, that is it. (Hello, a minimum of you’re 11 days clear of this unhealthy boy, huh?)

Time beyond regulation

Oh, howdy there, Devil. If any of the Asylum workout routines weren’t sufficient for you, you’ll be able to hit “play” in this 13-minute Asylum exercise once you end your first exercise of the day.

Again to Core

Ah, sure, a core exercise, how difficult can that be? Reality be informed, Asylum’s Again to Core exercise isn’t as difficult in your core as it’s at the different “forgotten” muscle teams — the glutes, calves, hamstrings, and the again (oh, the again).

Between the facet fly lunges, hip-up twist curls, swimmer-band exchanges, and a couple of pulse exercises (as a result of why the heck now not?), BTC will age you what looks like two decades in a single day.

(Seems, you don’t want pull-ups or deadlifts for a fully brutal again exercise.)

Sports activities Efficiency Review

The Sports activities Efficiency Review is the legitimate Asylum Are compatible Check.

The variation here’s that you just aren’t timing your self or following together with Shaun T. As an alternative, you’ll observe workout routines like agility Heismans, X jumps, and transferring push-ups to log your most selection of reps in one set.

(You’ll whole the Are compatible Check on day 0 and day 30 for the sake of development.)

Program Fabrics

Along the 8 sports-oriented workout routines, Asylum additionally comes with seven assets that you just’ll use periodically during the following 30 days:

Fast Get started

The Fast Get started Information is solely that. If you wish to get started Asylum proper right here, at this time:

  1. Snap sooner than footage and log your physique measurements.
  2. Whole the Are compatible Check.
  3. Roll into your first Asylum exercise — Velocity & Agility.
  4. Observe this system for 30 days.
  5. Repeat steps 1 & 2 to trace your development.

Differently, get started with the Asylum …

Health Information

Holy moly! We comprehend it’s his program and all, however stuffing 26+ footage of Shaun T into the 13-page Asylum Fitness Guide is a little redonkulous (sorry, all the time sought after to make use of that phrase).

Because the title suggests, this information necessarily overviews all the health portion of this program. Nevertheless it additionally repeats near to the whole thing you’ll see within the subsequent 3 assets.

Exercise Calendar

The Asylum Exercise Calendar is in reality a three-in-one sort deal.

Web page one is the OG Asylum agenda. Why it’s divided up into five-day chunks as an alternative of — — seven-day weeks is past us, nevertheless it will get the purpose throughout.

At the subsequent web page, you’ll in finding two further 30-day schedules. Now, they’re hybrid methods mixing Asylum with two similarly intense Beachbody routines: Madness & P90X.

Madness Hybrid Calendar

Shaun T will have to understand how obsessed Madness customers are … as a result of he additionally combines Madness, Asylum Vol. 1, and Asylum Vol. 2 into but every other hybrid program. This time round, the hybrid is 84 days of calorie-burning, muscle-strengthening, athletic-enhancing torture.


If you happen to’re going to print any Asylum program subject material, that is it. The Worksheet is the place you’ll monitor your efficiency and bodily development during the following 30 days.

That comes with logging your physique measurements and weight on days one and 30. So if you happen to by hook or by crook made it this a ways with out a toilet scale and a fabric measuring tape, it’s time to in any case sign up for the membership.

You’ll additionally log your Are compatible Check reps on days one, 15, and 30 and monitor your development weekly for different health classes like hydration, soreness, pull-up reps, and resistance band colour.

Thirty days is a little quickly to look the definition or weight reduction within the replicate. However expanding your reps or pace rope abilities or losing ½ out of your thighs will end up that Asylum is running.

Fast Get started Information to Diet

Nope, don’t even hassle opening this one. For no matter explanation why, Beachbody sneaks this rattling information into each and every unmarried program, however this isn’t the diet plan for Madness Asylum.

Get Shredded Diet Plan

The Get Shredded Diet Plan is the legitimate 25-page vitamin information for Madness Asylum. (Shaun T insists that you just’ll fall head over heels for this 14-day vitamin plan and make a decision to practice it for the remainder of Asylum or perhaps even endlessly.)

This jumpstart diet information kicks off Asylum with ten easy guidelines, together with:

  • Consuming extra steadily — small parts 5–6 instances in step with day as an alternative of three sq. foods
  • Fending off dairy fully (no cheese, however non-dairy milk choices are k)
  • Now not quitting carbs and being extra strategic about whilst you devour starches (early!)
  • Ingesting 64 oz. of water in step with day and slicing that soda and juice dependancy

Wanting the 1,500 or 1,800-calorie plans (plus low-calorie modifiers) — with 150 kilos being the intended cutoff — the Asylum vitamin plan isn’t the rest out of the abnormal.

Foods are small (300 or 500 energy), it contains meals substitutions for nutritious selection, and the plan compiles 15+ of Shaun T’s private favourite foods — like chopped hen salad and scrambled egg whites with a baked potato.

However you’ll stroll away empty-handed if you happen to’re anticipating actionable diet recommendation. There’s actually not anything about the way to calculate your TDEE, what number of grams of protein you wish to have, or what number of servings of vegatables and fruits you wish to have in step with day.

(Additionally, to not be a buzzkill, however dining extra regularly during the day doesn’t essentially curb an overactive urge for food or binge-eating, in line with research from 2016.)

Sooner than and After Testimonials

It’s now not that Asylum doesn’t spur life-changing body effects — it does.

By the point you develop into an Madness veteran and increase the energy and stamina had to in reality whole Asylum, we’d guess you’re already in lovely respectable form. That leaves development further muscle and melting away single-digit physique fats percentages as the commonest effects.

Those that’ve finished this 30-day program reportedly:

  • Misplaced <10 kilos in one month
  • Shed 10 inches in 30 days
  • Constructed a six-pack like by no means sooner than
  • Became athletic builds into Greek God physiques
  • Burn about 400–600 energy in step with exercise
  • Dripped 2.5% physique fats with one spherical

Alternatively, Asylum isn’t as a lot about dramatic weight reduction and shedding pant sizes as it’s making improvements to on-field athletic efficiency and getting shredded. Asylum survivors additionally agree that this system delivers killer, thrilling, and all-around a success sports-focused workout routines.

Asylum Program Execs

Man doing pull ups at the gym
  1. If you happen to’re an Madness addict in want in their subsequent repair, Madness Asylum brings the similar depth with a extra athletic twist.
  2. With the exception of for the lone hour-long exercise, Asylum doesn’t ask for far within the techniques of time or apparatus. (Effort, sanity, and psychological self-control are totally other tales.)
  3. If you whole Madness Asylum, the street splits into 4 facet streets: 3 hybrid methods plus the second one quantity of Asylum. Or, if you happen to’re a diehard Madness enthusiast, it’s essential to all the time go back to the unique Madness.
  4. The Are compatible Check, physique measurements, and development trackers are superb techniques to watch your enhancements, even though you’ll be able to’t bodily see or really feel them but.
  5. Even if the body effects don’t are living as much as Madness’s same old requirements, maximum customers finish Asylum more healthy, extra athletic, and with a extra aesthetic or ripped body.
  6. Halle-freakin’-lujah! This program dials again the aerobic point of the OG Madness and shifts the focal point to steadiness, coordination, agility, pace, continual, and muscular energy.
  7. It’s a really perfect trade of tempo from different Shaun T methods.

Madness Asylum Cons

Man performing high knees exercise in Insanity Asylum
  1. Asylum is among the hardest methods on all the Beachbody On Call for platform. (AKA: it’s now not for Madness rejects, let by myself those that can’t whole T25 or P90X3.)
  2. The Get Shredded Diet Plan isn’t precisely useful. Except you’re down with dining the similar dozen or so foods for 30 days (and even endlessly), the information doesn’t be offering a lot recommendation. (To not point out the reputedly random 1,500 or 1,800-calorie day-to-day choices that don’t issue to your top, precise weight, process point, gender, or the rest, actually.)
  3. Between the vertical leaping, agility ladder paintings, and leaping rope, Asylum calls for much more house than common Madness. A cleared-out basement, health club, or ground-floor room are your best possible choices. (Fail to remember about it if you happen to are living in a second-story tiny condominium …)
  4. With simply 8 workout routines (and one is the Are compatible Check and every other is an not obligatory add-on exercise), Asylum is certain to develop into repetitive, particularly if you happen to plan a moment spherical.

Wrapping Up This Madness Asylum Evaluate

Man doing situps

Because the name says, YES, Insanity Asylum is difficult. It’ll dig deep (pun meant) into your grit, braveness, and bodily skills as you overwhelm thru 5–6 athletic-based workout routines every week.

Asylum brings much more selection (with strikes), a laugh, and body adjustments to the desk for individuals who believe themselves Madness veterans. This Madness off-shoot additionally forces your muscle tissues to paintings in techniques you haven’t in years.

However whilst it’s a fan-favorite for elite Beachbody customers, it’s nonetheless now not best possible.

The toughness makes it just about unattainable for rookies, Shaun T slacked at the Diet Plan, and it calls for lots extra bodily house than different BOD methods.

All in all, if you happen to’re tired of Madness or need to upload athletics in your aesthetics, Madness Asylum is the harsh but glaring solution.

Ranking: 8.7/10

Madness Asylum FAQs

Does the Madness Asylum exercise in reality paintings?

The Madness Asylum exercise in reality works, nevertheless it’s tough and certainly now not for learners. Additionally, figuring out 5-6 days every week turns out like overkill for the general public that best need to lose some weight.

Which Madness program is the toughest?

Between Madness, Madness Max 30, and Madness: The Asylum, it’s onerous to make a decision which program is the toughest. All 3 methods are identical with Asylum differing a little, however it kind of feels like Max 30 is the toughest as you’ll carry out the unique Madness’s workout routines in part the time.

How lengthy are the Madness Asylum workout routines?

Exercise lengths in Madness Asylum range from 25-60 mins, with the common being round 40 mins.

Are you able to get ripped with Madness Asylum?

In accordance with the depth of Madness Asylum this may increasingly almost certainly get you “ripped”, however beware as it’s now not for the faint-hearted, and learners are almost certainly at an advantage with an more straightforward program.

How lengthy is Madness Asylum?

The Madness Asylum program lasts for 30 days.

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