The 14 Best Triceps Exercises for Bigger, Stronger Arms

In case your physique used to be a rock band, your triceps will be the bass participant. Your legs could be on drums, biceps could be lead guitar, and calves will be the roadie, however that’s all irrelevant. The reality is, few folks appear to be aware of the triceps, however they’re exhausting at paintings in … Learn extra
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In case your physique used to be a rock band, your triceps will be the bass participant. Your legs could be on drums, biceps could be lead guitar, and calves will be the roadie, however that’s all irrelevant. The reality is, few folks appear to be aware of the triceps, however they’re exhausting at paintings in just about each elevate they usually’re crucial for just about each function.

Steadily not noted and underappreciated, your triceps could have a dramatic have an effect on on each your body and your efficiency. It doesn’t take a ton of labor to construct bigger, stronger tris, nevertheless it does take some good coaching. Listed below are the most efficient actions to place this muscular background participant on centerstage.

Best possible Triceps Workouts

Shut-Grip Bench Press

The vintage flat bench press is a staple in lots of lifters chest workouts. Whilst you deliver your grip quite inwards, you’ll shift the emphasis away out of your chest muscle tissue and make your triceps the main mover. (1)

Urgent with a more in-depth grip now not handiest will increase triceps recruitment and reduces relative chest activation, however it will possibly additionally scale back pressure for your shoulder joints as a result of they’re positioned in a more potent mechanical place with much less stretching. This makes it an efficient bench press choice for lifters dealing with joint pain.

Easy methods to Do the Shut-Grip Bench Press 

Lie on a flat bench with the barbell in line above your eyes. Clutch the bar the use of a palms-down (pronated) grip together with your palms and wrists immediately above your shoulders. Gripping extraordinarily doesn’t considerably impact triceps recruitment and will building up pressure at the wrist and elbow joints.

Plant each toes flat at the floor. Squeeze your shoulder blades in combination and grip the bar tightly. Press immediately as much as unrack the bar from the give a boost to pins. Decrease the bar whilst maintaining your elbows slightly just about your physique, now not flared out to the perimeters. Within the backside place, the bar will have to be close to your decrease chest. Pause in short ahead of urgent immediately as much as lockout. Stay your glutes touching the bench all through all of the repetition.

Advantages of the Shut-Grip Bench Press

  • This bench press variation permits the triceps to be labored with doubtlessly heavy weights, making it perfect for building triceps strength.
  • The whole joint place of this workout permits lifters to coach the bench press motion trend with diminished shoulder joint rigidity.

EZ-Bar Cranium Crusher

The skull crusher is a fundamental and efficient workout for separating the triceps with restricted activation of the chest or shoulders. The use of an EZ-bar adjustments your hand place and permits a semi-supinated, or angled, grip. This makes the workout extra accommodating for lifters with deficient wrist mobility who can’t care for an absolutely supinated (palms-down) grip, and it is helping to scale back pressure at the wrist and elbow joints.

The EZ-bar cranium crusher is among the maximum elementary triceps workouts, requiring just a flat bench and an EZ-bar. This makes it an excellent possibility for lifters with restricted apparatus, equivalent to coaching in a fundamental house health club.

Easy methods to Do the EZ-Bar Cranium Crusher 

Take a seat on a flat bench whilst protecting an EZ-bar with a moderate-width, palms-down grip at the angled handles. Lie again whilst “kicking” the bar right into a straight-arm place above your face. Your fingers will have to be angled quite towards your head, now not totally vertical, to maximise muscular rigidity.

Position each toes flat at the flooring and demanding your abs as you stabilize the burden in a locked out place. Bend at your elbows to decrease the burden in opposition to your brow. Stay your elbows desk bound whilst decreasing the burden. Straighten your fingers to fasten the burden above your head.

Advantages of the EZ-Bar Cranium Crusher

  • The EZ-bar reduces wrist and elbow joint pressure, making it a just right triceps workout for lifters with joint ache.
  • You’ll building up the depth of the workout by means of expanding the variability of movement. Decrease the burden to the bench on the most sensible of your head as an alternative of preventing close to your brow. Whilst this may increasingly require shifting your elbows, the longer vary of movement can building up total muscle activation.
  • The EZ-Bar cranium crusher may also be superset with a close-grip bench press the use of an analogous bar for a fast and efficient high-intensity methodology.

Barbell Kickback

This old-school bodybuilding workout has observed a resurgence in recognition lately. As soon as thought to be a high-tension triceps-builder, it fell out of fashion for no legitimate reason why. The triceps go through a very long time underneath rigidity the use of handiest loose weights, with out a cable stations essential.

Whilst the workout is ceaselessly carried out with a quite rounded again, the backbone isn’t put underneath any direct rigidity since the weight is supported throughout the fingers. In case your hamstring mobility wishes growth, keeping up the bent-over place is also uncomfortable and you will want to bend at a better attitude or make a choice an alternative workout.

Easy methods to Do the Barbell Kickback

Start status whilst protecting a barbell with a palms-down grip at the back of your again. Bend ahead on the waist and make allowance the bar to slip down the again of your legs. Pull your elbows up close to your ribs. The bar will have to be close to your knees or higher calves, relying for your arm and leg period.

Straighten your fingers by means of urgent your palms backwards. Stay your elbows pinned in position right through the workout. Together with your fingers locked out, the bar ceaselessly finally ends up above your tailbone. It’s now not unusual to really feel your triceps cramping exhausting within the locked out place when the muscle rigidity is biggest. Decrease the burden underneath regulate and keep away from hitting your self at the back of the knees with the bar.

Advantages of the Barbell Kickback

  • The barbell kickback delivers an important muscle-building stimulus with slightly mild weight, making it perfect for lifters the use of restricted apparatus or those that are not able to raise heavy weights.
  • The triceps are put thru a very long time underneath rigidity, in particular with an extended top contraction, which creates an important muscle-building stimulus. (2)
  • This workout is considered one of slightly few isolation (single-joint) triceps workouts that may be carried out with a barbell, making it an invaluable addition for lifters with restricted apparatus.

Dumbbell Overhead Extension

Appearing triceps workouts together with your fingers overhead is very important for max triceps expansion because of the original positioning of the triceps heads around the shoulder joints. (3) The dumbbell overhead extension is among the most simple workouts to deal with this sort of workout.

The dumbbell overhead extension may also be carried out status together with your toes in combination, status in a break up or staggered stance, tall kneeling, half-kneeling, seated with an unsupported again, or seated with a again give a boost to. Each and every of the ones permutations will paintings the triceps an analogous. The one distinction is descending ranges of core and decrease again recruitment, so make a choice the stance that most closely fits your physique.

Easy methods to Do the Dumbbell Overhead Extension

Dangle one dumbbell with two palms, hanging the pinkies of every hand towards the interior of the highest weight plate. Prolong the dumbbell immediately overhead with immediately fingers. Bend your fingers to decrease the burden at the back of your head. Stay your elbows pointed up as the burden strikes, don’t let them sink down in opposition to your shoulders.

Withstand the temptation to nod your head ahead “out of the best way” of the dumbbell. Decrease the burden underneath regulate to keep away from contacting your head or neck. When you’re feeling an important stretch at the triceps, go back to the overhead place.

Advantages of the Dumbbell Overhead Extension

  • The overhead extension is an effective method to recruit all heads of the triceps muscle.
  • Since you’re lifting with each palms, you’ll transfer heavier weight than coaching unilaterally (one arm at a time). This makes it an invaluable workout for constructing energy.
  • This workout emphasizes the stretched place, which has been proven to enhance muscle-building. (4)

Two-Dumbbell Kickback

Whilst the single-arm kickback is extra repeatedly related to “firming”-type workout routines, the two-dumbbell kickback combines the targeted muscular rigidity of the single-arm kickback with advanced coordination and total-body rigidity of a two-arm motion.

The 2-dumbbell kickback additionally permits lifters to rotate their wrists right through the motion for a extra herbal vary of movement with much less rigidity at the wrist and elbow joints. 

Easy methods to Do the Two-Dumbbell Kickback

Stand upright whilst protecting a dumbbell in every hand. Bend as some distance ahead on the waist as is comfy and quite bend your knees. Pull each elbows in your ribs and bend your fingers to a kind of 90-degree attitude. Stay your elbows pinned in your facets right through all of the set.

The use of a slightly gradual pace to attenuate momentum, straighten your fingers by means of riding your pinkies in opposition to the ceiling. Within the locked out place, your fingers will have to be in a immediately line pointed towards the wall at the back of you. Experiment with a neutral-grip (hands dealing with your physique), a pronated grip (hands dealing with the wall at the back of you), and a supinated grip (hands dealing with your shoulders) to resolve which feels maximum comfy.

Advantages of the Two-Dumbbell Kickback

  • The 2-dumbbell kickback permits important triceps rigidity with slightly mild weights, making it perfect for lifters with joint ache or restricted apparatus.
  • This motion simulates a cable triceps pushdown with out the will of a cable pulley station.

Impartial-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

Just like the close-grip bench press is a triceps-dominant model of the vintage motion, the neutral-grip dumbbell bench press is a triceps-dominant variation of the usual flat dumbbell bench press.

The neutral-grip permits the elbows to stay just about the physique, which reduces rigidity at the shoulder joint whilst expanding triceps muscle recruitment. (5) The urgent place additionally permits the usage of slightly heavy weights. Many of us will press as a lot or extra weight than with a chest-focused dumbbell bench press grip, making the motion a very good possibility for constructing dimension and energy.

Easy methods to Do the Impartial-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

Take a seat on a flat bench whilst protecting a couple of dumbbells resting for your thighs. Lie again whilst kicking the weights right into a straight-arm place locked above your chest. Plant your toes flat and slowly rotate your palms to stand every different.

Stabilize the burden and decrease the dumbbells in opposition to the out of doors of your chest. Slide your higher fingers alongside your ribs and stay your elbows pointed in opposition to your toes. When your palms are at chest-level, press immediately as much as lockout. 

Advantages of the Impartial-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

  • This dumbbell press variation permits the usage of relatively heavy weights with diminished joint pressure.
  • The original hand place makes the neutral-grip dumbbell bench press probably the most few dumbbell workouts to securely and successfully teach the triceps with heavy weight.
  • The workout is an efficient variation for lifters who can not carry out the flat dumbbell bench press because of shoulder or elbow joint ache.

Unmarried-Arm Cranium Crusher

This workout is carried out just about similar to the barbell or EZ-bar cranium crusher, with the most obvious exception that it’s carried out the use of one arm at a time. This unilateral center of attention permits lifters to deal with construction discrepancies and muscular imbalances between facets.

The only-arm cranium crusher additionally permits lifters to control their wrist with extra freedom by means of rotating right through the motion, which is able to alleviate wrist discomfort led to by means of keeping up a pronated (palm-down) grip on a barbell.

Easy methods to Do the Unmarried-Arm Cranium Crusher

Start mendacity with one dumbbell locked out above your chest. Use your non-working hand to softly grasp the triceps of the operating arm. This will building up the mind-muscle connection and enhance expansion. (6)

Decrease the dumbbell in opposition to the same-side ear at a gradual and regulated tempo. Stay your elbow aimed on the ceiling and don’t permit it to transport. When your arm has reached its most stretched place, opposite path and lockout your arm.

Advantages of the Unmarried-Arm Cranium Crusher

  • This workout permits extraordinarily targeted coaching at the triceps of every arm.
  • The only-arm cranium crusher delivers an important muscle-building stimulus with slightly mild weight.
  • The unilateral efficiency permits lifters to deal with commonplace muscle imbalances between fingers.


The dip is among the most efficient bodyweight exercises to coach the triceps as it permits you to elevate an important quantity of weight without having a complete health club setup. Whether or not it’s dressed in a weighted vest, a dip belt with random weight plates, or a backpack filled with soup cans, the weighted dip permits you to emphasize the triceps whilst operating all of the higher physique.

Dips will also be carried out to emphasise the chest as an alternative of the triceps, however quite simple methodology changes can stay the triceps prioritized.

Easy methods to Do the Dip

Dangle a collection of dip handles together with your palms quite out of doors shoulder-width. Leap into the highest place and lock your fingers out immediately. Stabilize your higher physique and do away with any lower-body swinging. Bend your fingers whilst aiming your elbows on the wall at the back of you.

Care for an upright torso place together with your head and shoulders in keeping with your palms. Decrease your physique at a managed pace till you’re feeling most stretch for your shoulders. Pause in short within the backside place ahead of urgent as much as lockout.

Advantages of the Dip

  • The dip is among the few body weight workouts that permits the addition of vital load for long-term development.
  • You’ll start a collection with the triceps-emphasizing methodology and, when muscular fatigue units in, exchange center of attention to include the chest muscle tissue — right through the descent, lean your higher physique ahead and make allowance your elbows to flare out to the perimeters. This can be a high-intensity option to building up total muscle stimulus.

Shut-Grip Push-Up

Whilst the usual push-up is ceaselessly the primary body weight workout — and even the primary workout, usually — many lifters carry out. Then again, the close-grip variation is a good way to emphasise the triceps with none coaching apparatus in any respect.

The close-grip push-up, very similar to the close-grip bench press, shifts the focal point clear of the chest muscle tissue and makes the triceps the principal muscle crew.

Easy methods to Do the Shut-Grip Push-Up

Get started together with your palms planted at the floor kind of chest-width aside. Straighten your legs and care for a strong line out of your neck in your toes. Decrease your whole physique till your chest just about touches your palms.

As you descend, stay your elbows tight in your physique and aimed in opposition to your toes. Pause in short within the backside place ahead of returning to complete lockout.

Advantages of the Shut-Grip Push-Up

  • The close-grip push-up has been proven to turn on the triceps considerably greater than usual push-up methodology. (7)
  • This workout may also be carried out any place, at any time, with out the will for any particular apparatus.

Medication Ball Push-Up

Medication balls are ceaselessly for throwing or including resistance right through workout routines. With this push-up variation, it’s doing neither. The drugs ball is used as a give a boost to in your palms and encourages a close-grip place.

The drugs ball additionally quite elevates your higher physique, which alters your leverage and decreases the quantity of physique weight lifted right through the workout. This will sound love it makes the workout “more uncomplicated,” nevertheless it’s offset by means of the greater problem from the grip-width and instability.

Easy methods to Do the Medication Ball Push-Up

Position a strong medication ball at the floor — the burden of the ball doesn’t impact the workout. Position each palms at the ball and give a boost to your physique with immediately fingers and immediately legs. Stabilize your whole physique and don’t permit the ball to roll or wobble.

Decrease your chest in opposition to the ball, being certain to regulate any instability equipped by means of the ball. When your chest contacts the ball, press up in a managed tempo till your fingers are locked.

Advantages of the Medication Ball Push-Up

  • The instability from the medication ball is an effective method to support shoulder stabilizing muscle tissue.
  • The drugs ball supplies a constant reference level for grip-width, moderately than specializing in chest-width or closer-than-shoulder-width, making the workout extra simplified and efficient.
  • Medication ball push-ups may also be briefly superset with medication ball throws for a power-building exercise.

Tiger Bend Push-Up

In the beginning look, the tiger bend push-up would possibly seem to be some more or less yoga-meets-gymnastics mixture. In fact, it’s a slightly complex push-up variation that emphasizes the triceps by means of requiring an extension-type motion greater than a real push-up.

The tiger bend push-up is thought of as a slightly complex workout as a result of your triceps are required to transport the vast majority of your physique weight with out the help of your shoulders or chest. Then again, there are particular regressions to regulate the problem for any lifter.

Easy methods to Do the Tiger Bend Push-Up

Kneel at the floor with handiest your forearms, elbows, knees, and shins supporting your physique. Position your hands at the floor. Set your elbows underneath your shoulders and your knees immediately underneath your hips. Raise your physique by means of urgent thru your hands. Care for a impartial backbone as you progress.

To make the workout more difficult, transfer your knees farther out of your elbows and ultimately give a boost to your self off your knees, with a immediately line out of your shoulders in your toes. To make the workout much less difficult, set your knees wider.

Advantages of the Tiger Bend Push-Up

  • This workout is among the few isolation (single-joint) body weight workouts to paintings the triceps, which provides to total workout selection.
  • It supplies an important problem with out added weight, making it perfect for knowledgeable lifters with restricted apparatus.

Rope Pushdown

The triceps pushdown, also known as a pressdown, is also one of the vital commonplace workouts observed in any health club. It’s easy to accomplish, efficient at focused on the triceps, and adaptable to novices in addition to probably the most skilled lifters.

The use of a rope deal with permits a impartial (palms-facing) grip which is able to scale back wrist pressure in comparison to a immediately bar which calls for a palms-down grip. The rope will also be manipulated all through the set, by means of bringing the handles aside within the backside place to extend the variability of movement or maintaining the handles touching for advanced leverage to accomplish further reps. 

Easy methods to Do the Rope Pushdown

Start with a rope deal with connected to a high-cable pulley. Clutch the rope with each palms and produce your elbows subsequent in your ribs. Within the beginning place, your palms will have to be close to chest-level.

With out shifting your elbows, straighten your fingers. Pause in short within the locked out place ahead of returning your palms to the highest.

Advantages of the Rope Pushdown

  • The pushdown may also be carried out by means of lifters of any revel in or energy point.
  • This cable workout provides steady rigidity, which will increase the entire time underneath rigidity and improves the muscle-building stimulus.
  • The rope pushdown is helping to scale back joint pressure by means of permitting extra comfy joint angles. 

Unmarried-Arm Pushdown

The only-arm pushdown combines the targeted advantages of unilateral coaching with the high-tension muscle-building of cable coaching. By means of operating every arm for my part, you’re in a position to deal with discrepancies in muscular construction and energy with out compromising any muscle-building stimulus.

This intense pushdown variation may also be carried out with a number of handles and grip positions. The use of a unmarried “D” deal with is maximum commonplace, both with a palm-up or palm-down grip. Experiment with the use of a rope deal with (protecting one or either side of the rope in a single hand) as smartly. The other hand and wrist positions would possibly really feel extra comfy and gained’t impact the triceps recruitment considerably.

Easy methods to Do the Unmarried-Arm Pushdown

Connect a deal with to a high-cable pulley. Clutch it with one hand and produce it into the beginning place together with your elbow close to your ribs and your operating hand close to chest-level. Your loose hand can brace towards the pulley station clear of the cable.

Straighten your arm and press all the way down to complete lockout. Don’t permit your elbow to transport and don’t permit your torso to lean sideways in opposition to the operating hand. Pause in short within the backside place ahead of returning to the highest.

Advantages of the Unmarried-Arm Pushdown

  • The only-arm pushdown emphasizes every particular person arm with out important core paintings because of the stableness of the cable station, making it perfect for lifters with decrease again ache.
  • The workout may also be carried out with a number of grips to house lifters with grip energy problems or wrist ache.
  • This pressdown variation will also be carried out “crossbody-style” — status sideways to the cable stack, with the non-working facet of the physique closest to the cable, and bringing the operating hand from the other shoulder to the same-side hip. The original attitude adjustments the variability of movement and would possibly scale back shoulder joint pressure. 

Unmarried-Arm Status Cable Cranium Crusher

This distinctive workout makes use of a cable pulley to imitate the movement of a single-arm dumbbell cranium crusher. The greater rigidity from the cable permits a robust muscle-building stimulus with slightly mild weight and no more total joint pressure.

Whether or not it’s merely for coaching selection or as a high-intensity triceps finisher on the finish of any exercise, this motion zones in at the triceps with most potency and no the help of different muscle teams.

Easy methods to Do the Unmarried-Arm Status Cable Cranium Crusher

Clutch a unmarried deal with connected to a high-cable pulley. Face clear of the burden stack and press the burden immediately in entrance of you. Use your non-working arm to give a boost to the working-side elbow, which will have to stay desk bound all through the set. Slowly bend your arm and produce your hand again in opposition to your face. When you’re feeling a most stretch, slowly prolong your arm to complete lockout.

Advantages of the Unmarried-Arm Status Cable Cranium Crusher

  • This workout delivers an important time underneath rigidity, which is really helpful for muscle expansion.
  • The only-arm status cable cranium crusher permits the triceps to be educated with minimum pressure at the shoulder and elbow joints.

The Triceps Muscular tissues

Figuring out the triceps muscle and its similar joints will result in a greater figuring out of the way and why sure workouts and coaching strategies are efficient.

person in gym performing cable pressdown exercise for triceps
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Right here’s a more in-depth have a look at this crucial arm muscle and the way it works.

Triceps Brachii

The “tri” in triceps refers to a few separate however similar heads of the muscle. The medial head and lateral head each connect on the higher arm bone and elbow joint. The lengthy head attaches on the elbow and shoulder blade.

All 3 heads paintings to straighten the arm on the elbow. Then again, since the lengthy head runs over and around the shoulder joint, it is usually activated when the higher arm strikes. (8) This is the reason triceps workouts carried out at a number of angles — together with your fingers overhead and/or perpendicular in your physique — are crucial for total muscle activation and construction.

How Steadily Will have to You Teach the Triceps

As a result of all 3 heads of the triceps connect on the elbow joint, over the top coaching quantity or frequency would possibly worsen (or create) joint ache or tendonitis. The triceps are considerably labored right through the vast majority of chest and shoulder workouts, which must be an element when programming triceps coaching.

person on beach performing push-ups
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Usually, immediately coaching the triceps one to 2 days every week with slightly low quantity consistent with exercise (5 to ten units break up up between one to a few workouts) may also be enough for constructing dimension and energy. The whole main points of your coaching program equivalent to workout selection, coaching depth, and quantity (complete units and reps) will probably be elements in designing a triceps exercise.

To make your triceps a coaching precedence, scale back the frequency and quantity of urgent for your chest and shoulder workout routines. This may occasionally assist to scale back the full rigidity at the triceps muscle and similar joints. Coaching your triceps and biceps in a single exercise is every other extremely efficient manner, particularly when the use of alternating units or supersets, which were proven to enhance persistent and energy whilst decreasing total fatigue. (9)

Easy methods to Development Your Triceps Coaching

Triceps workout routines may also be approached and stepped forward like every other physique section. Paintings persistently and step by step building up the educational quantity (extra repetitions) and/or building up the educational load (extra weight). The verdict to extend quantity or load will probably be made up our minds by means of your function, in addition to the precise workouts getting used.

Muscular person lying on bench performing barbell triceps exercise
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Isolation (single-joint) workouts just like the two-dumbbell kickback or single-arm pushdown don’t in most cases accommodate very heavy a lot as a result of right kind methodology turns into unmanageable. A focal point on expanding quantity is in most cases simpler for the ones forms of workouts.

Compound (multi-joint) workouts just like the close-grip bench press and dip do will let you safely and successfully paintings as much as heavier a lot ultimately, so long as you by no means sacrifice shape for the sake of extra weight.

Easy methods to Heat-Up Your Triceps

Warming up the triceps is set making ready the muscle for the stimulus of the exercise. It’s additionally about making ready the joints, in particular the elbow joints, as a result of they’re going to be considerably labored in every workout.

Person in gym performing triceps exercise with cables
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Gentle weight, high-rep isolation workouts are one efficient method to get ready your elbows for intense triceps coaching. Focal point on warming up with workouts which don’t put the fingers into an over the top stretch. Because the warm-up progresses and your fingers are higher ready, step by step building up the variability of movement and number of workouts.

For instance, warming up with rope pushdowns for one to 2 units of 20 reps may also be more secure and extra joint-friendly than appearing the dumbbell overhead extension for a similar units and reps.

Don’t Tri Too Arduous

Triceps coaching shouldn’t crush your exercise program, it will have to supplement it, like a cast bass line in any nice tune. It could be understated and easy, nevertheless it delivers the products and assists in keeping you on the right track. In case you dial issues up too exhausting and hit the tri’s with an excessive amount of paintings, you’ll invite attainable harm, compromise the remainder of your plan, and your title would possibly as smartly be Dust.


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