Superhero X12 Review: The Movie Star Shredding Program

Do you want to get shredded like a superhero? If your answer is “Yes”, don’t be ashamed. Most guys do. So do I. As soon you take one glance at the Hollywood actors that star in your favorite blockbuster superhero movies, it makes you wonder… “Can I build a body like that?” Well, with more
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Do you want to get shredded like a superhero?

If your answer is “Yes”, don’t be ashamed. Most guys do. So do I.

As soon you take one glance at the Hollywood actors that star in your favorite blockbuster superhero movies, it makes you wonder…

“Can I build a body like that?”

Well, with more and more actors making radical transformations on screen, more and more fitness experts are stepping up and responding…

“Yes you can… and here’s how you do it.”

Today, I’m going to be reviewing the Superhero X12 program created by one of these fitness experts, Keith Lai, the founder of FitMole.

This program promises that if you follow the plan, you can transform your body to become leaner and more muscular, without disrupting your life.

Can it work?

I’ll tell you exactly what I think in this very detailed Superhero X12 review.

What is the Superhero X12 Program?

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Superhero X12 is a premium digital fitness program created by Keith Lai, the founder of FitMole

When you look at the sales page, the main promise of the program is to teach you how to build a body that’s lean and muscular like actors that star in blockbuster superhero movies. 

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And Keith says you can do this by:

  • Working out only 3 days per week
  • Eating your favorite foods
  • Doing little to no cardio

On the surface, it sounds too good to be true. The program includes a series of ebooks, videos, as well as web tools to supplement the process.

We’re going to take a look at everything inside this program and see if it sounds legit.

Before we do that, let’s talk a little about the creator… Keith.

About the Creator – Keith Lai (aka FitMole)

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Keith Lai is the founder of FitMole, a hard-hitting fitness site created over seven years ago. Not a lot is revealed about this guy, but as I started navigating his site more, I learned that he has a refreshingly honest personality in a fitness industry full of deceivers.

He also walks the walk when it comes to fitness. His before and after pictures seem legit.

Keith lai before after image

Plus, here’s a video of Keith doing a weighted chin-up with 140 lbs strapped to his waist. I’d be lying if I said that isn’t impressive.

But the real draw of this guy is his honesty and wit in his writing. Some of my favorite quotes from his site include:

If so many people are overweight and using the same excuses, maybe they’re not as special as they think they are.

If your goal is to be the most muscular guy in the room, you will never reach that goal.

I’m saving money on protein powder, which means more money for lap dances.

Keith has been in the fitness game for quite a long time and it’s comforting to know that guys like this still exist and aren’t afraid to speak honestly about what works and what doesn’t.

So now that you have a glimpse inside the mind of “the FitMole,” let’s get back to the program review and go through the deliverables.

What’s Included in Superhero X12?

Since Superhero X12 is a digital program, as soon as you sign up, you’re sent login credentials to a members-only area where all the program content is stored.

Superhero x12 members area image

I’m familiar with a few different course and program hosting services like Teachable and Gumroad, but I’m not sure what this program uses. Either way, it’s pretty easy to navigate and loads quickly even on your smartphone.

There are 6 modules to the program, each providing key components to the program.

We’re gonna go through each one and discuss all the materials inside.

Getting Started Module

Just like the title of this module suggests, this is where new enrollees should start to understand what they’re in for. 

This module contains two items.

Getting Started 21-Page Ebook

This ebook explains what you should expect from the program including timeline expectations, result expectations, how to track your progress, and how to tell that you’ve graduated from a beginner to an intermediate.

Superhero Mindset 40-Page Ebook

In this ebook, Keith attempts to dismantle all the existing negative thoughts you may already have about fitness motivation, your good and bad habits, and what you think is standing in your way of success. I talk more about this later.

Workout Module

Here’s the training meat and potatoes of the program. In this module you’ll learn the workouts, progressions, how to do the exercises, and other important things.

Here are the actual materials in this module.

Workout Guide 57-Page Ebook

Superhero x12 workout guide image

This hefty guide is not only going to provide the details of the workouts, but cover important topics that will improve your training results including progressive overload, rep schemes, warming up, busting through plateaus, and how to do cardio the right way (yes, there’s a wrong way.)

Nova Series (Beginners) Workout PDFs

This is a series of short PDF documents with easy-to-read tables outlining all the beginner routines you can do including full body, push/pull/legs, and an “at-home” version.

Titan Series (Intermediates) Workout PDFs

Superhero x12 titan series guide image

These are cheat sheets for the intermediate workouts and they include common split routines like upper/lower, upper/lower + full body, and alternating variants that focus either on aesthetics vs strength.

Exercise Demo Vault

Superhero x12 exercise demo vault image

This section contains over 75 HD exercise demonstration videos featuring Keith’s friend, Dan Jones, a certified strength and conditioning coach.

Exercise Substitution Cheat Sheet PDF

Superhero x12 exercise substitution cheat sheet image

Here’s a brief PDF document that provides alternative exercises to those outlined in the primary workout routines.

Diet & Nutrition Module

The Diet & Nutrition module contains all the materials necessary to explain the diet principles and strategies that make the program work. It has fewer materials, but it’s also pretty hefty like the Workout Module.

Diet & Nutrition Guide 81-Page Ebook

Superhero x12 diet nutrition guide image

This massive ebook contains all the details of “how” and “what” you need to eat to follow this program. There are vanilla sections for calories and macros, but notable concepts include Keith’s “Macro Flex Tracking”, calorie formulas for fat loss vs muscle-building, diet adjustment instructions, and meal timing.

SX Nutrition Calculator

Superhero x12 nutrition calculator image

The SX Nutrition Calculator is a web app that’s embedded right in the program member’s area that calculates your recommended daily caloric intake based on concepts used specifically in the Diet & Nutrition Guide.

Recommended Tools Module

Superhero x12 recommended tools image

This is basically a list of resources that are either required or optional to follow this program. In the list you’ll find:

  • Workout tools
  • Dieting tools
  • Tracking tools
  • Supplements
  • Books

VIP Bonuses Module

Most programs and courses have a few bonuses to offer and Superhero X12 doesn’t stray from the formula.

Sample Meal Plans

Superhero x12 sample meal plan image

This is a series of PDFs with full meal plans for a few common fitness scenarios like… “I’m 160 lbs and Cutting” or “I’m 180 lbs and I’m Bulking”. These meal plans even have basic, but useful food prep instructions.

Superhero Proportions Calculator

Superhero x12 superhero proportions calculator image

This is an Excel spreadsheet with a single formula that calculates your ideal shoulder to waist ratio based on your current height.

2-Day Workout Playbook PDF

Superhero x12 2 day workout playbook image

This short PDF gives you a full workout routine and plan if you only have enough time to complete two weekly workouts.

SX 5-Minute Quick Start Guide PDF

Superhero x12 sx quick start guide image

This is a very brief PDF that gives you the shortest route to navigate the program modules and materials so you can get started quicker (duh).

Facebook Group (SX Syndicate)

Superhero x12 facebook group image

This is the private Facebook group only for Superhero X12 members. At the time of writing this, there are 900+ members.

Upsells to the Program

When you hit the order button on the sales page, there are a few upsells that appear during the buying process. Even though they’re not technically part of the core program, I decided to add them to the review just to be thorough.

And if you go through the buying process and you pass on the upsells, Keith actually gives you the opportunity to get those upsells later, right from within the member’s area.

Accelerator Package

The Accelerator Package is a supplement to Superhero X12 that promises to provide faster results than you would experience by following just the core program.

There are two resources in this package:

Superhero Chaos 17-Page PDF

Superhero x12 superhero chaos image

This is a diet plan for faster fat loss. Inside are calorie calculations, macro targets, and diet tips to keep yourself sane when you attempt something a little more extreme like this.

SX Finishers 15-Page PDF

Superhero x12 superhero finishers image

Here’s a PDF full of additional workout sets to add a little temporary fluff and pump to your muscles via sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Here’s something funny – one of the finishers is named “Your Mom”. Nice.

SX Cookbook

Superhero x12 sx cookbook image

The second upsell to Superhero X12 is the SX Cookbook. This is a single ebook, but it’s 69 pages and contains a ton of recipes. Wowza.

The Bodyweight 100

Bodyweight 100 cover image

The third upsell is The Bodyweight 100. This is a 33-page ebook containing 100 bodyweight workouts so you can lose body fat and build muscle with almost no equipment (you might need a pull-up bar).

Things I Like About the Program

So now that you know everything inside the program and even the optional upsells, it’s time for me to spew my opinions. Let’s start with the things that I believe are very valuable and strong in the program.

1. The Superhero Mindset ebook is worth its weight in gold.

Do you remember that second ebook that I said was in the Getting Started Module at the very beginning? Yeah, that thing is dynamite.

You can tell that Keith Lai has been around the block in terms of understanding the REAL obstacles between ordinary people and extraordinary physique results and I think this ebook is probably the most valuable thing in the whole program.

What’s so good about the content is that it perfectly outlines some of the most common reasons why someone can’t lose a single pound of fat or even get to the gym one time. And then it addresses them head on and demolishes them.

Let’s face it. If you can’t change your mindset, you can’t change your body. End of story. Honestly, I think this ebook is so helpful and valuable that it could have been its own product, but the marketing would probably have been really tough to do.

2. All fitness goals are covered.

There’s something to be said about a fitness program that covers just about every goal that someone could have. Whether your goal is to build muscle, build strength, get shredded, or even maintain a lean body, this program has all the details to do it.

And it doesn’t just provide maybe a page here or there. Each of these goals can be accompanied by its own calorie calculations, macro breakdowns, workouts, etc. 

It’s really very inclusive and pretty difficult to find a piece of information that isn’t covered by at least a couple thoroughly-researched pages.

3. You get support from the creator, Keith.

Not a lot of premium programs offer direct access to the creator, but that’s one thing I like about Superhero SX12. I think Keith really likes interacting with his customers and that’s probably why he has a coaching program too.

In almost every piece of material in the program, the content ends with something like “if you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at [email address]”. And he’s active in the private Facebook group too.

And does he respond back? Yes. I’ve emailed him. Many times. He gets straight to the point and doesn’t leave you hanging. 

Obviously you don’t want to abuse this or else he’ll unleash some of his signature grade A snark on you and then share it with his entire email list to get his kicks. You’ve been warned.

Things That Could be Better

While this program is pretty darn good, I would be lying if I said there weren’t at least a few things that I wish were different.

1. It might be better as a course.

The information in this program is good. Really good. However, it’s not a secret that the fitness industry thrives on video platforms like YouTube and podcasts. With some of the very detailed concepts in Superhero SX12, I think they could be easier for Keith to explain (and for members to comprehend) if they were either in audio or video format.

Plus, not to send like an illiterate moron… it’s a lot of reading. Between the workout, diet, and mindset books, there are over 170 pages.

Those pages are completely jam-packed with gold information, but it’s still quite a lot to go through.

But to be fair, the most important content that SHOULD be video… IS… and that’s the exercise tutorials. There are over 75 exercise tutorials in crisp HD video that do a great job of explaining and demonstrating how to perform all the exercises in the program.

2. The dieting module goes TOO deep.

Maybe I have blinders on and I don’t realize how much I already know when it comes to muscle-building nutrition, but there’s a lot in the dieting module… maybe too much.

I’m guessing that Keith didn’t want to leave anything out, but let’s be honest – too much information can lead to overwhelm and inaction.

I bet he had a lot of the information already written in different pieces throughout his blog and all he needed to do was copy and edit into the book, but there are still things I would have not included.

This is why I’m actually thankful that he created the SX 5-Minute Quick Start Guide, but I have a small objectection about that…

3. The SX 5-Minute Quick Start Guide should be moved to the Getting Started Module.

I’m really splitting hairs at this point, but there’s so much included in this program – I think a beginner who knows nothing might get overwhelmed. Maybe I’m wrong. I often am.

But it just seems more logical to me if the Quick Start Guide was moved into the Getting Started Module so anyone that wanted to navigate the modules as quickly as possible while still consuming the most important information could do so.

Superhero X12 Review: The Verdict

Superhero x12 mobile product image

Review Superhero X12 Program
Summary Superhero X12 is a premium, digital, fitness program created by FitMole’s founder, Keith Lai, that promises to help you build a leaner, more muscular body that resembles Hollywood actors starring in superhero movies. The program features multiple modules containing ebooks, cheat sheets, calculators, and HD videos to help members see results. Despite the initial information overload that new members might experience, Superhero X12 is a fantastic program that is fully capable of delivering positive results to almost anyone who follows the methods.
Author Kyle Hoffman
Rating 4.5 (out of 5)

I think Superhero X12 is an excellent program. You can tell that Kieth Lai really cares about the content and wanted it to actually work. And I think he accomplishes his goal.

While my main complaints about the program are that it has “too much information,” I’ll admit that those complaints are pretty lame.

Like I said earlier, the strengths of this system (and the things that set it apart from other programs) are:

  • The deep understanding that the creator has with his audience and how they’re expressed in the mindset ebook
  • The fact that just about all fitness goals are covered whether you’re cutting, bulking, or maintaining
  • The responsive group and 1-on-1 support from Keith

This program gets my highest recommendation and I firmly believe that if you just “follow the program” you’ll see results.

Click here to check out Superhero X12.

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