Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs (PPL) Program (Full Review)

For those who’ve been within the gymnasium for a yr or extra, then there’s a lovely just right probability you’ve attempted some kind of PPL program a couple of times. Seems, there are fairly a couple of variations available in the market. Finally, they’re a cast solution to break up up your regimen to scale back overtraining, but nonetheless hit each and every
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For those who’ve been within the gymnasium for a yr or extra, then there’s a lovely just right probability you’ve attempted some kind of PPL program a couple of times. Seems, there are fairly a couple of variations available in the market.

Finally, they’re a cast solution to break up up your regimen to scale back overtraining, but nonetheless hit each and every muscle team arduous a couple of times every week. However, no model is fairly as in-depth as Jeff Nippard’s.

So, is that this this system that’ll ship your good points to the following stage? Stay studying to determine all there’s to learn about Jeff Nippard’s PPL program.

Prior to You Stay Studying, Let Me Say This…

Good day, what’s up? I’m Kyle, the founding father of Noob Features.

Thank you for preventing by means of! 🙂

I sought after to leap in right here to will let you know that after this evaluation was once first revealed, we just about idea Nippard’s program was once the “finish all be all”.

I imply, it’s tremendous thorough and Jeff Nippard backs the whole thing up with genuine research and proof. (Bro fist)

However after a couple of weeks, we determined that this PPL program isn’t the most suitable option for guys with restricted time who need to take their coaching to the following stage.

If you wish to construct muscle definition that attracts consideration from friends and family…

And feature numerous time to hold with pals or play some video video games…

And devour your favourite meals every day…

Then we suggest you take a look at Superhero X12 by means of Keith Lai of Have compatibility Mole.

Construct a Superhero Frame With out Coaching Like One

Stepping into form is not simple. However this program offers you a real-life method to construction a leaner, extra muscular frame with out obsessing over health 24/7.

Right here’s a couple of the reason why.

First, Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs program is incomplete. Everyone knows that coaching is lower than 50% of the muscle good points equation.

The opposite part is vitamin… which is totally lacking from Nippard’s program.

Alternatively, Superhero X12 is a whole machine for construction extra muscle together with vitamin plans, macro setups, complement suggestions, or even non-public get admission to to an overly lively give a boost to discussion board the place you’ll be able to ask any questions you need at the topic.

Characteristic Superhero X12 Push Pull Legs
Exercises 3x
Vitamin Plan
Personal Discussion board

You don’t wish to move in search of the lacking methods and steps as a result of the whole thing you wish to have is in a single position.

2nd, the Push Pull Legs Program is a foul selection should you’re a novice. Intermediates and complicated lifters must make just right development with this exercise, however learners… now not such a lot.

Alternatively, Superhero X12 has exercise methods for each intermediates and learners to make severe muscle good points.

Don’t need to spend extra money on a couple of methods according to your enjoy stage? Cool! SX12 has you coated with each the robust Nova Exercise Sequence for learners and enhanced Titan Exercise Sequence for intermediates.

Remaining, Nippard’s PPL program has you coaching 6 days a week. Yowza! It’s like taking up a part-time task!

Perhaps you favor the speculation of spending over the top time combating strangers to make use of the bench press, however we don’t.

Superhero X12 displays you learn how to construct outlined muscle mass in handiest 3 hours a week. That’s proper… if you’ll be able to dedicate to a few workout routines a week, SX12 has the workout routines to make it occur cap’n.

However for this reason I like to recommend SX12 if you wish to construct genuine muscle definition that attracts consideration.

  • You get a whole machine to get ripped so that you’re by no means perplexed or wish to purchase further methods
  • You’ll see nice good points at a couple of issues to your health adventure since each learners and intermediates are coated
  • You’ll spend much less time within the gymnasium and extra time having a lifestyles

However don’t take our phrase for it.

We’re simply random web other folks.

Click here to check out Superhero X12 for yourself.

Construct a Superhero Frame With out Coaching Like One

Stepping into form is not simple. However this program offers you a real-life method to construction a leaner, extra muscular frame with out obsessing over health 24/7.

Concerning the Author – Jeff Nippard

We completely get it: You’re taking your good points and body significantly, so that you’re now not about to possibility your development by means of the usage of some random regimen by means of a man you’ve by no means heard of.

Neatly, Jeff Nippard is in reality the actual deal.

He’s some of the well known powerlifting personalities on the net as of late. And, due to his business wisdom and tasty movies, he has over 2 million YouTube subscribers so far.

Positive….he’s well-liked. However, he additionally is aware of what he’s speaking about.

He spent years competing in powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions, turning into Canada’s personal “Mr. Junior Canada” again in 2012.

To best all of it off, he as soon as held the Canadian bench press record.

It’s spectacular that Nippard can squat and deadlift over 500 kilos and bench press over 300 kilos, however there’s extra to him than the stats he places up within the gymnasium.

He’s additionally skilled in health.

Because of a Bachelor’s Level in biochemistry, Nippard makes use of his in-depth wisdom of well being and health rules to create killer workouts that produce all-natural effects.

What’s Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs (PPL) Program?

Jeff Nippard's Push Pull Legs Program review image

To begin with, Jeff Nippard has a ton of exercise methods.

This one, his Push Pull Legs (PPL) Program, produces the most productive leads to the ones with a couple of cast years of coaching beneath their belt. The purpose is to make use of this intermediate program to push you to a extra “complicated” stage.

So, what’s the actual objective of this program?

Neatly, should you do it proper and as Nippard supposed, you must be expecting each hypertrophy and power good points over the process 16 weeks.

PPL Program Main points

Man performing the bench press exercise

In a position to be told about Jeff Nippard’s PPL program?

Right here’s what you wish to have to grasp.

Even though technically regarded as a “PPL” program, Nippard likes to refer to this program as “Legs Push Pull.” That classification all comes right down to the actions you’re doing with each and every exercise and ensuring you get sufficient relaxation in between.

Finally, there’s some overlap in muscle mass used in relation to workout routines just like the deadlift. The separation day between pull and legs lets you stay your muscle mass contemporary each and every exercise.

The way you lay this program out will probably be as much as you.

You’ll do six instantly days within the gymnasium (legs, push, pull, repeat) adopted by means of a relaxation day. Or, you’ll be able to upload a relaxation day each time you’re feeling particularly fatigued post-workout.

Check out the main points beneath.

Block 1

Like maximum of Nippard’s exercise programs, this one is damaged up into blocks.

Block 1 lasts 8 weeks and is supposed to slowly introduce you to this taste of coaching. Maximum workout routines could have you coaching between 60-75% of your 1RM or at a 6-8 at the RPE scale.

You’ll be concentrated on a rep vary of any place between 6 and 20 reps in line with set. At this level, you’re principally operating on getting best shape.

Every week, you’ll be doing the similar workout routines, each and every time a little bit extra intensely or with a couple of extra reps than the week prior.

In maximum workout routines, you’ll be getting 20 to twenty-five units overall.

Finish block 1 with a deload week sooner than you crank it up a notch for block 2.

Block 2

Block 2 is the place issues get taken to the extraordinary for some other 8 weeks.

Now that you just’ve mastered your shape and slowly labored your manner up in quantity, you’re in a position to hold with the large boys on the gymnasium.

There’s slightly extra selection in relation to workout routines and also you’re in a position to take ‘em like a professional.

You’ll be virtually persistently cranking out reps at 80% of your 1RM and even 9 or upper in your RPE scale. The purpose is to push your muscle mass to near-failure, however a rep or two shy maximum instances.

Because you’re operating extra intensely, your units will normally be between 15 and 20 in line with exercise.

Block 2 is the place you’re going to peer the actual good points, so dedicate arduous while you’re on this degree.

Push vs. Pull vs. Legs

This may sound self-explanatory, however it may be a little bit complicated should you’re now not well-versed in exercise methods simply but.

Fortunately, that is beautiful simple to give an explanation for.

“Push” would account for any actions that contain a pushing movement. For instance, for the bench press, shoulder press, and triceps extensions, you’re pushing away out of your frame.

“Pull” comprises any pulling motions, like lat pulldowns and bicep curls, the place you’re pulling the load towards your frame.

And, confidently, you’ll be able to determine what “legs” includes.

Different Key Knowledge

There’s much more to this regimen than studying concerning the units, reps, and workout routines you’ll be doing. And, much more than relaxation instances and %1RM (or RPE).

This file principally serves as a how-to information for workout science.

This system begins off by means of actually explaining each necessary muscle within the frame, what forms of actions it does, and the workout routines you’ll be able to use to focus on each and every.

Now you don’t have to only blindly settle for that you just’re hitting quads as of late… understand why it’s necessary to focus on them within the first position.

However, that’s now not all you’re getting. You’re additionally getting key information on:

  • Workout substitutions
  • Heat-up ways
  • Guidelines for learn how to carry out each and every workout (and movies for each and every)
  • Background knowledge on protection

It’s great to grasp that you just’re now not blindly being led thru a regimen by means of a random man on the net, proper?

Varieties of Workouts

Now, with out entering an excessive amount of element for copyright causes, we need to come up with a little bit perception into what forms of workout routines you’re doing.

Trace: It’s now not a fundamental bench press, leg press, or bicep curl each week.

There’s a ton of selection and not anything is “usual” in any sense. You’ll be doing such things as “sluggish eccentric dips,” kneeling straight-arm cable pull-overs,” and “low to excessive cable flyes.”

The variability will stay you entertained and your muscle mass guessing.

5 Simple Advantages of the Push Pull Legs Program

Man doing barbell shoulder press exercise

1. Method, Method, Method

Regardless of how desperately you need to peer good points, you don’t need to possibility protection on the identical time. And, that’s one thing Jeff Nippard wholeheartedly consents with.

He’s now not in reality into “dishonest” on workout routines.

His reasoning for it’s as transparent minimize because it will get. He makes use of analysis and research to end up that unhealthy shape could cause harm in even probably the most professional lifters and, once in a while, lessens good points.

You may well be questioning what this has to do with you.

Neatly, it is going to turn that this program was once designed round authentic workout science rules. Nippard needs that will help you with good points, however now not at some degree the place you get harm and sidelined.

So, be aware of video demonstrations and workout pointers.

2. Exercise “Notes” for Each and every Workout

You understand how to accomplish a shoulder press, proper? What a couple of leg extension?

Up to you understand the overall actions of workout routines, there’s slightly extra that is going into each and every than you could suppose. And, that will help you out, this program has pointers with each workout.

Those will also be discovered at the charts for on a daily basis’s exercise.

You’ll get pointers like tucking to your elbows to 45 levels at the bench press or putting your ft excessive at the single-leg leg press.

Now not handiest can this ensure cast shape, however it will probably additionally mean you can to max out your good points.

3. 16 Weeks of Features

A large number of methods final simply 8 or 12 weeks.

Doing the similar workout routines, units, and reps for too lengthy principally promises a plateau. Neatly, fortunately this regimen switches the ones up a little bit each and every week to stay your good points coming.

Fortunately, this program lasts for 16 weeks.

That implies this program can final you a cast ⅓ of a yr. However, should you’re nonetheless seeing good points after the 16-week program, you’ll be able to even run again to the beginning and undergo some other cycle.

Nippard suggests even 3 to five cycles of this regimen sooner than switching to a brand new one.

It’s beautiful neat to have a long-term program with no need to search for a brand new one each few months as same old.

4. Focal point on Smaller Muscle Teams Too

All severe lifters head to the gymnasium and crank out heavy squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. However, you need to construct some mass on the ones biceps, calves, and triceps too.

Fortunately, this program additionally offers you the danger to hit the ones muscle mass immediately.

You’ll end out each and every exercise with smaller muscle teams thru workout routines like hammer curls, lateral raises, and triceps kickbacks.

Now, you’ll be able to burn off no matter’s left within the tank to ensure the good points you in reality need to see.

5. Logical Structure of Workouts

There’s not anything that claims {that a} 4 or 5-day break up received’t paintings. It’s extra that it’s arduous to format those workout routines in order that you’re now not overtraining throughout the week.

So, some of the largest options of this regimen is that it is smart.

You’re principally draining your chest at first of the frenzy exercise after which following up with shoulders and triceps with no matter is leftover.

That’s very other from doing chest on Monday after which shoulders on Wednesday. That’s as a result of numerous the similar muscle mass are utilized in each forms of workout routines.

It’s nice that you’ll be able to give your all within the gymnasium and know you may have a minimum of 2-3 days of relaxation in between sooner than you hit the ones muscle mass once more.

Higher repaired muscle mass imply much more intense workout routines subsequent time.

And, hitting each and every muscle team two times every week is thought of as the usual for buying in reality jacked.

2 Negatives of the Push Pull Legs Program

Man performing dumbbell bicep curls

1. Time Dedication

Is that this a just right program?


Do you in reality have the time to hit the gymnasium for lengthy workout routines 6 days every week?

Neatly, most of the people most certainly received’t.

The key problem to this regimen is that you just’re figuring out 6 days every week with 1 day of relaxation. For those who paintings a 40-hour week, just right success discovering the time to do the rest however paintings and exercise.

Now, should you’re already regarded as an intermediate, then this received’t be a lot other for you. There’s an excellent chance you’re already within the gymnasium reputedly 24/7.

2. No Nutrition Plan

The very first thing value mentioning is that we aren’t essentially anticipating a vitamin plan with each program. However, we do know that the precise vitamin could make or damage your good points.

On this case, Nippard simply suggests a caloric acquire with 0.8+ grams of protein in line with pound.

That’s a just right get started, however numerous us simply don’t get the cling of a hypertrophy-based vitamin fairly properly. With that, you could think that you’ll be able to devour limitless carbs and fats or 4,000 energy an afternoon.

Neatly, you shouldn’t.

So, you’re going to need to do some further paintings by yourself to discover a vitamin plan that is helping your muscle mass to recuperate post-workout whilst nonetheless fueling you correctly for each and every of your workout routines. Or you’ll be able to take a look at Nippard’s Body Recomposition Guide.

Does this make the exercise program any much less cast?


However, the loss of steering may grasp you again some should you don’t know what you’re doing.

Jeff Nippard’s PPL Ultimate Advice

Man performing barbell squats

Nippard’s Push Pull Legs Hypertrophy Program is undoubtedly able to sending you from that “intermediate” degree to extra of an “complicated” degree. And, should you apply it to a T, then you definitely’re going to peer large good points.

It’s laid out properly, walks you thru each workout in-depth, and will provide you with choices if for some explanation why you’ll be able to’t do an workout.

For a real intermediate, it really works properly.

The issues stand up while you’re only a novice. Six days every week on the gymnasium is so much for many guys and now not having a vitamin plan may sluggish or stall your good points indefinitely.

So, what’s the consensus right here?

Score: 8 out of 10

It is a beautiful just right program for high-intensity workout routines two times every week for each and every muscle team, so cast good points. However, it’s extra for experienced gym-goers.

Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs FAQs

Is Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs program just right?

Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs is a superb program for intermediates (with get admission to to a gymnasium) that may dedicate to 6 coaching days every week. Regardless of missing a vitamin plan or complete dietary recommendation, we expect this system is value checking out should you aren’t a novice. General, we rated this program 8 out of 10.

How a lot does Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs program price?

Jeff Nippard’s Push Pull Legs program prices $39.99. This value isn’t that dear in comparison to an identical coaching methods.

Right here’s an Choice for Guys with Restricted Time…

Like I stated previous on this evaluation, the PPL program isn’t the most suitable option for reasonable guys that wishes to construct a frame that appears just right with out residing within the gymnasium.

First, Nippard’s program doesn’t have the whole thing you wish to have to peer effects. It’s lacking a vitamin setup, meal plans, and any kind of give a boost to discussion board that would fill within the gaps the place this program doesn’t ship.

2nd, this program is designed just for intermediates. For those who’re a novice, you’re going to waste numerous time in this program sooner than you notice any genuine adjustments.

Remaining, the PPL program calls for you to coach 6 days a week. That’s a significant disruption in your day by day lifestyles.

As a result of those 3 issues, we suggest Superhero X12 by Fit Mole as an alternative.

SX12 has the whole thing you wish to have to grow to be your frame in a single position. A couple of exercise choices, meal plans, fast get started information, and discussion board give a boost to… you were given it.

Characteristic Superhero X12 Push Pull Legs
Exercises 3x
Vitamin Plan
Personal Discussion board

SX12 has methods for each learners and intermediates so that you don’t have to fret about progressing with the machine.

And should you like the speculation of spending extra time enjoyable than coaching, then you definitely’ll like the truth that SX12 displays you learn how to construct muscle in handiest 3 hour-long workout routines a week.

Click here to be told extra.

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