How to Do the Triceps Pushdown for Bigger Arms

Were given a cable device? Then you definately’ve were given get entry to to one of the vital elementary workouts to at once goal and isolate the triceps. The triceps pushdown, also known as a pressdown, is completely fitted to newbies and skilled lifters alike. The cable’s pulley machine places stress — and a lot of it — proper the place it belongs. All … Learn extra
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Were given a cable device? Then you definately’ve were given get entry to to one of the vital elementary workouts to at once goal and isolate the triceps. The triceps pushdown, also known as a pressdown, is completely fitted to newbies and skilled lifters alike.

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The cable’s pulley machine places stress — and a lot of it — proper the place it belongs. All you want to do is straighten your fingers and build some muscle. Ok, there’s just a little extra to it than that. Listed here are the entire main points.

Learn how to Do the Triceps Cable Pushdown

The cable pushdown is lovely easy. To position most stress at the triceps and reduce involvement of different muscle tissues, your elbows will have to stay pinned for your aspects as you prolong your fingers down. Right here’s a closer take a look at tips on how to get arrange and tips on how to get probably the most out of the workout.

Step 1 — Set Up On the Pulley Station

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Connect a directly bar to a high-cable pulley. Take hold of the bar with each fingers in a palm-down grip. Take a small step again right into a staggered stance. This offers you extra total-body balance, particularly when the usage of heavier weights.

Bend your knees fairly and tighten your core. Pull your elbows towards your ribs to boost the burden from the stack. Your fingers will have to be more or less in keeping with your chest, able to accomplish the primary rep.

Shape Tip: The farther you progress from the burden stack, the extra your again and shoulders muscle tissues shall be engaged to stay your elbows pinned for your ribs. The cable operating from the manage to the pulley will have to be at a slight attitude.

Step 2 — Straighten Your Palms

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Squeeze your higher fingers into your aspects and faux you’re gluing them in position. Push directly down with each fingers till your fingers are directly however now not absolutely locked. This maintains slight stress at the muscle and will increase the muscle-building stimulus. Stay your fingers in keeping with your forearm with out bending your wrists.

Shape Tip: Stay a powerful, tall posture and an engaged core. You will have to handiest be shifting on the elbows, now not on the waist, as you pressure the weights down.

Step 3 — Bend Your Palms to Decrease the Weight

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From the just about locked out place, bend your fingers and slowly go back your fingers upwards. Stay your elbows caught for your ribs. When your fingers are within the best place, the weights will have to be soaring slightly above the remainder of the stack. If the weights leisure utterly at the stack, alter your stance and take an excessively small step backwards.

Shape Tip: Don’t permit the weights to tug your elbows ahead. Annoying your abs, grip the manage exhausting to have interaction your grip and keep watch over the bar, and pull your shoulder blades again to stay a strong physique place.

Triceps Cable Pushdown Errors to Keep away from

The cable pushdown calls for tightness and balance thru all your physique. It is a receive advantages as a result of protecting your again, shoulders, fingers, abs, and legs absolutely engaged builds muscular coordination.

Alternatively, this total-body recruitment additionally creates more than one alternatives for methodology issues to happen. Listed here are probably the most vital problems to look forward to.

Misaligned Posture

Hunching ahead or arching your again when lifting or reducing the burden will save you you from absolutely stabilizing your core. You’ll’t stressful your abs successfully with no impartial backbone.

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Having an risky or angled higher physique reduces your skill to keep watch over the motion. When your fingers and torso aren’t vertical, you’re running thru a distinct attitude of resistance and recruiting other muscle tissues. Extra importantly, a loss of core balance approach you need to harm your again.

Keep away from It: Stabilize your posture and alignment prior to every rep. Pull your core muscle tissues up and in. Staggering your ft too can support a powerful higher physique place as it will increase decrease physique balance, which is transferred during the higher physique.

Transferring on the Shoulder

The main motion will have to be out of your elbows, now not out of your shoulders. When your shoulders paintings to transport the burden, tension is taken off your triceps and shifted onto your deltoids (shoulders) and higher again.

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Don’t permit shoulder rotation to flare your elbows. In case your elbows level sideways to the partitions as a substitute of at the back of you, you’ve shifted out of place.

Keep away from It: Take a look at your elbow creases. In the event that they flip in, tightness on your shoulders or chest could also be pulling your fingers ahead. Get started practising shoulder and chest flexibility workouts to relax the realm. Stay the shoulder and higher fingers locked into position. Stay your elbows pinned for your aspects and take note of if/when your elbows begin to come ahead.

Bending Your Wrists

Don’t let your wrists crane again or bend ahead. Doing so will increase pressure at the smaller wrist joint and will increase the danger of damage. Stay your fingers in keeping with your forearms, with a directly line out of your elbow for your knuckles.

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Keep away from It: If breaking on the wrist is a matter for you, believe a glove with wrist wraps or wrist wraps. This exterior give a boost to reminds you to stay the joints in line. Gripping the bar exhausting, as a substitute of passively urgent thru your fingers, too can support a strong hand place.

Advantages of the Triceps Cable Pushdown

The cable pushdown puts the triceps muscle beneath consistent stress at some stage in the set. This lengthy period of muscular tension is a key issue chargeable for muscle expansion. (1)

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Pushdowns are a foundational triceps workout, permitting lifters to center of attention only on their triceps, which is able to reinforce the mind-muscle connection for better activation and expansion. (2)

Higher Frame Energy

The triceps play a job within the majority of higher physique workouts, both helping in chest and shoulder pressing movements or as stabilizers right through pulling movements. Expanding triceps-specific energy with cable pushdowns can elevate over to improved strength in greater higher physique workouts.

Aesthetic Muscle-Construction

Cable pushdowns works all 3 heads of the triceps muscle, developing well-balanced muscle expansion. The triceps are labored thru a complete vary of movement with consistent stress, making the pushdown an effective strategy to at once goal the tris.

Muscle tissue Labored through Triceps Cable Pushdown

The triceps cable pushdown is basically for the triceps, although a number of muscle teams stabilize the higher physique and make allowance proper efficiency.

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If different muscle tissues get fatigued prior to the triceps right through a suite of pushdowns, it’s a hallmark that your methodology is off. Scale back the burden and be extra involved in making use of correct shape.

Triceps Brachii

The triceps is a three-headed muscle chargeable for elbow extension, or straightening the arm. It’s made up of the lateral and medial heads, which connect on the higher arm and under the elbow, and the lengthy head which attaches to the shoulder blade and under the elbow. (3) For the reason that lengthy head runs alongside the shoulder joint and attaches to the shoulder blade, it is usually activated right through shoulder actions when the higher arm is raised.

Pectoralis Main

The pectoralis primary, or pecs, are the primary chest muscle. The pecs are chargeable for pulling your fingers towards the centerline of your physique. Whilst the chest isn’t a number one mover right through pushdowns, it’s labored statically to offer higher physique balance and to stay your elbows through your aspects, specifically within the locked out place.

Higher Again

The higher again muscle tissues come with the trapezius, rhomboids, teres, and rear deltoids. This choice of muscle tissues paintings in equivalent roles to keep watch over the shoulder blades, shoulder place, and posture. All over cable pushdowns, the higher again is extremely activated to stabilize your higher physique and deal with a strong higher arm place because the decrease arm strikes the burden.

Who Will have to Do the Triceps Cable Pushdown

The pushdown can be utilized through any lifter having a look to emphasise their triceps. The motion may also be carried out into strength-building methods, in addition to any arm day or muscle-specific regimen designed to construct measurement.

Inexperienced persons

Whilst you’re first studying tips on how to educate quite a lot of muscle tissues of the physique, the triceps cable pushdown is an invaluable motion initially as it isolates the muscle staff. This centered paintings lets in new lifters to really feel the muscle running right through all the vary of movement.

Coaching for Muscle Expansion

Whether or not you’re a body competitor or coaching for basic aesthetics, this workout can lend a hand to construct to triceps. Higher triceps activation with out interference from different muscle tissues stimulates better muscle expansion within the goal muscle main, merely, to greater fingers.

Learn how to Program the Triceps Cable Pushdown

The triceps cable pushdown is simple to put into effect into maximum routines so long as you have got get entry to to a cable device. The workout isn’t well-suited to extraordinarily heavy weights and low-rep units, as a result of strict shape turns into unmanageable and further muscle tissues are recruited. Alternatively, gentle or reasonable weights may also be extremely efficient for muscle expansion because of the excessive stress supplied through the cables.

Reasonable Weight, Reasonable Reps

Coaching the cable pushdown with 3 to 4 units of 8 to twelve reps is a vintage muscle-building means. It is a time-tested strategy to pack on triceps measurement and construct greater fingers.

Gentle Weight, Prime Reps

The usage of the pushdown as a finisher or burnout is an excessively high-intensity strategy to finish any arm exercise. One or two units of 15 to twenty-five reps, achieving muscular failure on the final rep, is a wonderful approach for expanding coaching quantity. The lighter weights make this means is especially helpful for lifters who wish to reduce joint pressure.

Paired with Biceps Coaching

For the reason that cable pushdown calls for minimum setup, one extraordinarily efficient strategy to program the workout is to superset it with any biceps workout. Via alternating between a biceps curl and triceps pushdown, you’ll be able to briefly and successfully educate all your arm with excessive depth.

Triceps Cable Pushdown Permutations

The triceps pushdown is very flexible. With a easy adjustment of the manage attachment, you’ll be able to alternate issues up, upload an additional problem, and paintings the triceps in fairly alternative ways.

Rope Pushdown

The usage of a rope attachment places your fingers in a impartial (thumbs-up) grip, which may also be really helpful for lifters coping with wrist or elbow ache as it puts the muscle tissues round the ones joints in a more potent place, which relieves tension at the joints.

Whilst this change doesn’t essentially recruit the triceps muscle another way, it provides a fairly longer vary of movement. The fingers start shut in combination within the best place and flare out to the perimeters within the backside place. Your elbows will have to stay caught for your ribs, handiest your fingers will have to transfer.

Opposite-Grip Pushdown

The reverse-grip pushdown isn’t regularly observed in gyms, however it may be an efficient variation to support strict shape. With a supinated (palm-up) grip, swinging your torso is much less efficient for the reason that bar is handiest held in position along with your arms, in comparison to a extra protected a palm-down grip which covers the bar with all your hand.

This underhand grip additionally reinforces correct elbow place as it turns into tougher to flare your elbows out with this setup.

Unmarried-Arm Pushdown

Acting a single-arm pushdown emphasizes every person arm right through a suite. This one-sided consideration is helping to struggle energy and muscular discrepancies that can broaden from over-focusing on bilateral (simultaneous two-arm) workouts.

Unmarried-arm pushdowns may also be carried out with a single-handle, a rope attachment, or no manage in any respect keeping simply the attachment anchor.

Triceps Cable Pushdown Possible choices

For those who don’t have get entry to to a cable pulley, there are nonetheless quite a lot of efficient choices to paintings your triceps. It’s at all times amusing to combine it up, and it’s essential to problem the muscle tissues in numerous techniques.

Diamond Push-Up

The diamond push-up, or close-grip push-up, is a competent bodyweight exercise to emphasise the triceps. The slender hand place recruits extra triceps and somewhat much less chest muscle tissues to finish the motion.

That is any other extraordinarily environment friendly workout to change with biceps coaching to create a snappy arm-building exercise. Carry out any set of curls, drop and carry out diamond push-ups, leisure in brief, and repeat.

Triceps Kickback

This dumbbell motion is regularly carried out with very gentle weights for extraordinarily excessive reps. Alternatively, keeping up excellent shape whilst shifting more difficult weights within the 10-12 rep vary generally is a severe muscle-building workout.

The secret’s to stay your elbows caught for your ribs and now not recruit the again or shoulder muscle tissues to transport the weights. You’ll building up the time beneath stress and muscle-building stimulus for the triceps through pausing within the best place for a complete one or two seconds.

Dumbbell Cranium Crusher

This workout works the triceps in a fairly other airplane of movement, with the fingers perpendicular to the physique as a substitute of along the torso. This will fairly alternate the muscle recruitment of various triceps heads and result in a brand new muscle-building stimulus. (4)

The usage of dumbbells additionally lets in extra freedom for the wrist and elbows to transport, which is able to cut back pressure at the joints. Stay the dumbbells in keeping with your shoulders. Within the backside place, the weights will have to be close to your ears.


Do I wish to paintings my triceps in particular?

Whilst the triceps are labored actively right through maximum chest and shoulder workouts, in addition to serving a supportive function right through maximum again workouts, direct triceps coaching is very important for optimum muscle expansion.

The triceps additionally play a practical function in lots of day-to-day actions, from last a automobile door to getting up off the bottom after falling. Construction the triceps in particular, inside a complete coaching program, can play a important function in bettering general practical energy.

What if my fingers can’t keep through my aspects?

A bodily incapacity to stay your fingers at your aspects in opposition to resistance could also be led to through chest or shoulder immobility. When the chest or shoulders are excessively tight, they need to pull the fingers ahead and inward.


Acting a easy doorway chest stretch day-to-day is one environment friendly position to start out. As well as, paintings on  general posture and alignment to inspire general energy and balance.

Get Down with Pushdowns

The triceps cable pushdown is this kind of elementary and efficient motion within the gymnasium, it’s simple to pepper into your exercise regimen. The usage of strict shape and a complete vary of movement will upload measurement for your triceps, lend a hand to stay your elbows and shoulders wholesome, and give a boost to your whole giant urgent objectives.


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