Does P90X Ab Ripper X Really Work? (Review)

Tony Horton himself describes his love-hate courting with Ab Ripper X slightly actually: “I hate it, however I like it.” And, now a complete 18 years later, P90X — extra in particular, the 15-minute Ab Ripper X exercise — continues to be a supply of mayhem among the beginner bodybuilding brotherhood. Does it in reality paintings? Will it
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Tony Horton himself describes his love-hate courting with Ab Ripper X slightly actually:

“I hate it, however I love it.”

And, now a complete 18 years later, P90X — extra in particular, the 15-minute Ab Ripper X exercise — is nonetheless a supply of mayhem among the beginner bodybuilding brotherhood.

Does it in reality paintings? Will it tug you extra towards love or hate?

Can it double as a standalone ab program? Or does the age-old announcing, “Abs are made within the kitchen,” utterly defeat this program’s guarantees?

To find out underneath!

There’s One thing You Must Know First

What’s up? My title’s Kyle.

I’m the founding father of Noob Beneficial properties (great to satisfy you :))

I sought after to leap in right here originally to assist you to know that in spite of P90X being a just right program (and it’s)…

…I wouldn’t suggest it to a novice that wishes to get a lean and muscular physique with the least quantity of effort.

Concentrate, if you wish to construct noticeable muscle definition…

With out understanding greater than thrice a week…

With out consuming 5-6, bland bodybuilder foods in line with day…

And no longer feeling utterly obliterated after every exercise…

You then will have to take a look at Superhero X12 as a substitute of P90X.

I do know, it is a giant declare.

However let me give an explanation for why:

First, P90X is a foul selection for freshmen. 

P90X is marketed as this “anyone-can-do-it” kind health program the place you’ll get fantastic effects for those who simply “need it unhealthy sufficient”.

On the other hand, that is in reality deceptive since at its core, P90X is a sophisticated program.

That is beautiful ironic since the general public who’ve observed the vintage P90X infomercial, noticed it at 3 AM, stuffing down a overdue evening Baconator from Wendy’s.

(No longer complicated health fanatics).

So for those who’re a novice, this program goes to be VERY exhausting for you

And your motivation can be stomped into the bottom earlier than you if truth be told see the effects out of your paintings.

On the other hand, Superhero X12 has exercise methods for each freshmen and intermediates to make critical muscle positive aspects.

In the event you’re a whole noob, you’ll ease into muscle-building with the robust Nova Exercise Sequence (house model integrated).

And whilst you’re in a position to take your positive aspects to the following stage, you’ll fortify your effects with the Titan Exercise Sequence.

The learning methods are adapted in your revel in stage so positive aspects comes more straightforward (and your motivation doesn’t get annihilated).

Function Superhero X12 P90X
Exercises 3x
Calorie Calculator
Versatile Vitamin
Mindset Information
2-Day Exercise Possibility

Subsequent, P90X kills your unfastened time by means of understanding 6 days a week.

This used to be at all times one of the most “hardcore” promoting issues of this system.

“Are you EXTREME sufficient to coach ALMOST EVERY DAY!?”

In my opinion, I’d reasonably educate to reside as a substitute of reside to coach.

Leaping round in my lounge, soaking wet in sweat, cursing Tony Horton for six days in a row simply doesn’t sound like a great time to me.

On the other hand, Superhero X12 displays you the way to turn into your physique in 3 very environment friendly workout routines a week.

There aren’t any pointless workouts and no time wasted.

If you’ll dedicate to three hours of coaching every week, you’ll create a great-looking body. (And care for it 12 months spherical!)

In the end, every exercise for P90X is ready 90 mins lengthy.

That’s an hour and a part.

“Oh yea. I’ve a spare 90 mins each day to do no matter I need” – mentioned hardly ever anyone.

OK OK. In the event you’re a tender man, you most likely do have an hour and a part from time to time to bust out a long exercise.

However why would you place your self via that?

Superhero X12 has workout routines which can be 45-60 mins lengthy (on the maximum).

And also you most effective must do them thrice a week to start out.

That’s 3 hours of coaching for the entire week in comparison to 9 hours of P90X.

(clean stare)

Those are the explanations I like to recommend Superhero X12 as a substitute of P90X for freshmen that need to turn into their our bodies.

  • Construct muscle as rapid as imaginable to your revel in stage with workout routines for each freshmen and intermediates
  • Spend extra time residing your lifestyles and not more time within the gymnasium
  • Educate with environment friendly methods sponsored by means of science (with out spending 9 hours/week sweating your ass off)

However I’m only a stranger on the net.

So, you don’t must agree with me

Why no longer check out Superhero X12 for your self and spot what you suppose?

Construct a Superhero Frame With out Coaching Like One

Stepping into form is not simple. However this program offers you a real-life strategy to constructing a leaner, extra muscular physique with out obsessing over health 24/7.

Concerning the Writer – Tony Horton

What do you get whilst you combine the early 2000s, a celeb house exercise video growth (thank you, Jane Fonda & Denise Austin), and a health craze sweeping the globe?

The solution: Tony Horton.

Tony Horton used to be an early Beachbody recruit who paved the trail for long run running shoes with the platform, together with Shaun T and Autumn Calabrese.

His near-two-decade partnership with Beachbody advanced into:

  • A minimum of 15 distinctive methods, together with 22 Minute Exhausting Corps, P90X, and Energy 90
  • A $200 million franchise in P90X by myself by means of 2010
  • Viewership eclipsing 700,000 hours inside the Beachbody On Call for platform
  • A complete P90X undertaking, that includes sequels like P90X2, P90X3, and a 2d try on the authentic Energy 90 — P90

And, to suppose all of it started in his personal storage charging $20 in line with consultation from the Hollywood elites like film pros, Billy Idol, and Usher some $20 in line with consultation.

It’s no longer the everyday “fall from grace” tale we’re used to listening to!

He’s additionally filled with Tony Hortonisms like, “Make it attractive, folks” and, “Don’t put banana and hammock in the similar sentence.” You’ll both mute him or quote complete classes again to him.

What’s the P90X Ab Ripper X?

Man doing ab exercise with stability ball

From Tony Horton’s personal mouth: “This isn’t Ab Ripper 100 or 200. That is Ab Ripper 339,” a transparent dig at his a lot tamer Energy 90 Ab Ripper workout routines that finally impressed P90X.

Very similar to what we mentioned in our review of 22 Minute Hard Corps, “intense” doesn’t even start to describe it!

P90X Ab Ripper X is a 16-minute natural core exercise that includes 11 ab workouts, 25 reps apiece (technically), 339 or 349 overall reps, and no integrated leisure blocks in any respect.

One 12 same old workout routines discussed in our P90X review, Ab Ripper X complicated, designed that can assist you get ripped, sculpt a six-pack and provide you with one thing to gloat about on Snap (and even Myspace, a l. a. 2004).

The exercise is 100% equipment-free. On the other hand, after the primary few workouts, you’ll want you had:

  • A at ease exercise mat: For 339-ish steady reps, you’ll press your curved backbone and tailbone into the picket (and even cement storage ground) underneath. A cushioned workout mat can relieve that lower-back drive and reduce the chance of bruising or lasting ache.
  • Water: Ab Ripper X will depart you respiring heavy and dripping sweat. The American Council on Exercise recommends about 7–10 oz.. of water for each 10–20 mins of workout. A crammed and chilled water bottle readily available will stay your power surge thriving whereas additionally combating dizziness, complications, or dehydration.
  • Towel: The towel direction is extra of a private selection. Technically, you don’t want one (your home, your laws). But when it’s soaking via your blouse, dripping into your eyes, or leaving the ground underneath you slippery, an absorbent sweat towel is a must have.

Are you in a position to convey it? If you wish to be informed extra about Ab Ripper X, scroll somewhat additional!

The Main points of P90X Ab Ripper X

Man performing single arm planks

Shut your eyes for a second. Now, image the cliche early-2000s-era exercise video shot in an eerily dim exercise studio, that includes a lead teacher mic’ed up with a headset strapped to his face.

That’s Ab Ripper X.

However earlier than you write it off as out of date or make a choice every other ab regimen (or perhaps a full-body regimen like the 645 Program), right here’s a more in-depth have a look at this 16-minute core brutalizer:

Ab Ripper X Workouts

Ab Ripper X is an collection of eleven core workouts, with Horton main a staff of 3 backup running shoes from begin to end. After a handy guide a rough advent, Ab Ripper X is complete velocity forward.

No warm-up, no flashing “caution” signal alerting you of the closest exits for those who’re a novice, nothin’ — this factor is going from 0 to 60 in actually 56 seconds.

Now, right here’s a tidbit that’ll both illuminate your eyes or overwhelm your spirits greater than figuring out that GTA 6 continues to be 4 years away: Ab Ripper X doesn’t highlight a unmarried same old sit-up or crunch.

As an alternative, you’ll come face-to-face with those 11 workouts:

  1. In & outs
  2. Bicycles
  3. Crunchy frogs
  4. Go-leg or wide-leg sit-ups
  5. Fifer scissors (caution: Horton holds those for ridiculously lengthy)
  6. Hip rock ‘n raises
  7. Heels to heaven (which, paradoxically, is the exact opposite of this exercise)
  8. V-up roll-up mixtures
  9. Indirect V-ups
  10. Leg climbs
  11. Mason twists or Russian twists (50 reps in this one)

After over 16 mins of completely punishing core paintings, you’ll bounce right into a minute-long cooldown.

The self-proclaimed yogi will information you via easy core-stretching yoga holds — like the kid’s pose and cobra — as you query each determination on your lifestyles that led you right here.

What You 100% Wish to Know Sooner than Ab Ripper X

Man doing ab crunches

Ab Ripper X is the stereotypical Tony Horton workout in the most productive imaginable approach.

For 16 instantly mins of core coaching (with the occasional Hortonism tossed in), the mythical teacher will describe correct shape, inspire adjustments, and reveal not unusual errors.

It’s surely a sophisticated exercise.

However earlier than you faucet “play,” right here’s what you want to grasp:

  • Unmarried-side — or unilateral — workouts are unpredictable within the rep division. Some require 12 reps in line with facet, whereas others ask for fifty reps in overall (25 for correct and 25 for left).
  • Horton doesn’t agenda leisure breaks all through the 16 mins, however he does drop one catchphrase slightly a couple of instances: “If you want breaks, you higher take ‘em.” A minute-long pause every now and then is healthier than completing an Ab Ripper X bout with piss-poor shape.
  • There are two countdown timers at the display. The only within the bottom-right nook is the time final for all the exercise; the timer on the backside ticks down the seconds for the present workout. Tempo your self.
  • Maximum workouts closing 30–60 seconds. After completing rep #25, Horton will temporarily give an explanation for the following workout earlier than beginning the 25-rep countdown all over again.
  • There’s no shortcut to six-pack abs; don’t overdo it. Tony Horton concurs: Don’t do that exercise each day! Give your muscle tissues time to recuperate, and commit the ones ‘off’ days to different muscle teams.

Have in mind: Beachbody launched P90X whilst you have been nonetheless in fundamental college — or perhaps nonetheless within the womb. There are a couple of cases the place you’ll query what you simply witnessed.

For instance, there’s one abnormal attitude early within the video the place, to start with look, it sort of feels just like the cameraman is recording the shot from inside of a closed locker (Peeping Tom, a lot?).

Then, there’s Horton’s personal creepy whispers: “Ab … Ripper … X.”

They don’t damage the video or the growth you’ll see. However they’ll surely make you move “hmmm.”

4 Ab Ripper X Execs

Man performing medicine ball crunch
  1. It doesn’t most effective goal the vintage six-pack muscle tissues that ship that chiseled, striated look (the rectus abdominis). For one, leg-raising workouts like heels to heaven goal inner muscle tissues just like the iliopsoas or hip flexors. In the meantime, bicycles and different unilateral workouts pinpoint the obliques, the rippled muscle tissues alongside the facet of the abs.
  2. In the event you’re already within the sub-10% physique fats candy spot, it received’t take just about as lengthy to look effects, definition, and deeper cuts. Ab Ripper X will make up the majority of your regimen, although some aerobic, high-intensity period coaching (HIIT), and vitamin may just assist.
  3. 16 mins of core coaching doesn’t require as a lot of a time or power dedication as an ordinary 60-minute exercise would. A 2015 randomized controlled trial additionally came upon that any place between one and 3 ab workout routines every week would fortify core staying power in a similar fashion. In the event you’re a whole beginner, doing Ab Ripper X as soon as every week could also be sufficient.
  4. It’s an improbable once-in-a-while ab exercise. You’ll be able to mix it with weighted ab workouts, equipment-based workouts (like striking leg raises), and decline core coaching to maximise enlargement, staying power, and energy! Do Ab Ripper X as soon as every week and a extra energy or hypertrophy-focused ab exercise later within the week.

2 Ab Ripper X Cons

Man performing hanging leg raise exercise
  1. The announcing is de facto true: Abs are made within the kitchen. In reality, a randomized control trial from 2011 published that once six weeks of five-day-a-week core coaching, there used to be little have an effect on on belly fats. Staying power, energy, or even dimension will definitely fortify with Ab Ripper X. However it’s vitamin and aerobic that’ll burn fats and discover that six-pack.
  2. To be truthful, 300+ ab reps in an afternoon and 25-rep low-intensity units aren’t the best techniques to sculpt an Instagram-worthy core. Similar to your biceps, pecs, and the ones cussed calves, a extra aesthetic core calls for additional resistance and extra muscular activation. Workouts like decline sit-ups and weighted Mason twists will produce higher effects.

Ab Ripper X Overview – The Ultimate Phrase

Man doing ab workout

P90X’s Ab Ripper X program is all-around a very good belly program for the intermediate or complicated staff hoping to construct energy, staying power, and muscle within the core.

At simply 16 mins, it’s potential, even though you’re quick on time. It additionally objectives muscle tissues instead of the rectus abdominis (six-pack muscle tissues) and will produce definition in weeks for those who’re sub-10% Frame fats.

On the other hand, it’s no longer that easy.

Ab Ripper X is a P90X exercise for a reason why: it calls for a mix of each vitamin and workout. And, whereas this exercise is hard, you’ll see higher effects with a decline or weighted ab workouts.

It’s super every now and then, whilst you’re touring, or when blended with the rest of P90X.

However by myself? No longer such a lot.

Score: 6.0/10

P90X Ab Ripper X FAQs

What’s P90X Ab Ripper X?

Beachbody’s Ab Ripper X is an ab-focused exercise that’s a part of the P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 methods. This exercise has to suffering to finish an enormous choice of workout reps in about quarter-hour.

Is Ab Ripper X a just right ab exercise?

Sure, Ab Ripper X is a tight standalone exercise for constructing energy, staying power, and muscle within the core. However it’s easiest when blended with your entire P90X program. 

How lengthy does it take for Ab Ripper X to paintings?

The period of time it takes for Ab Ripper X to be just right for you is dependent upon your present physique fats share. You probably have upper physique fats, you’ll wish to care for a caloric deficit to shed the additional fats earlier than Ab Ripper will also have a likelihood to fortify your ab definition.

How frequently will have to I do P90X Ab Ripper X?

In line with Beachbody, you will have to be doing Ab Ripper X for a most of two-three instances every week. Any further than that it will likely be overkill since your abs will likely be labored throughout the P90X program.

How lengthy is the P90X Ab Ripper X exercise?

P90X’s Ab Ripper X is a 16-minute exercise. Because of its quick length, it will have to be simple to suit this into a hectic agenda.

Right here’s Any other Exercise Possibility

There’s unquestionably that P90X let you construct muscle and lose physique fats.

However we predict that Superhero X12 is a greater selection for freshmen that need to turn into their our bodies with the least quantity of effort.

You’ll be able to succeed in your health objectives as rapid as imaginable since Superhero X12 has workout routines for each freshmen and intermediates.

Function Superhero X12 P90X
Exercises 3x
Calorie Calculator
Versatile Vitamin
Mindset Information
2-Day Exercise Possibility

You’ll be able to spend extra time looking at Netflix and enjoying video video games because you most effective wish to exercise 3 days a week.

And because of environment friendly coaching methods in line with medical analysis, workout routines closing 45-60 mins max.

Check out Superhero X12 to learn more.

Construct a Superhero Frame With out Coaching Like One

Stepping into form is not simple. However this program offers you a real-life strategy to constructing a leaner, extra muscular physique with out obsessing over health 24/7.

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