Body Transformation Blueprint: Is It Legit? (Review)

“Body Transformation Blueprint” has a nice ring to it, and not only because it sounds like a long-awaited Matrix or Inception reboot. But rather, it targets what 49.3% of us crave — weight loss — and what nearly 60% of us completely and utterly neglect — resistance training (or gains). Sean Nal’s Body Transformation Blueprint
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“Body Transformation Blueprint” has a nice ring to it, and not only because it sounds like a long-awaited Matrix or Inception reboot.

But rather, it targets what 49.3% of us crave — weight loss — and what nearly 60% of us completely and utterly neglect — resistance training (or gains).

Sean Nal’s Body Transformation Blueprint is an all-natural bodybuilding program infusing complete diet, exercise, and supplements overhauls.

The body recomposition “trifecta,” if you will.

But is this 1,000+ page, six-part plan as legit as its badass coined name? Or does it merely fall into the stigma Sean Nal so desperately tried to avoid (gimmicks and fads)?

Let’s uncover what this massive ebook beholds and whether it’s legit.

About the Author – Sean Nalewanyj

Sean Nalewanyj — known professionally as Sean Nal — is a self-proclaimed best-selling fitness author, all-natural bodybuilder, “coach,” and avid science aficionado.

Founder of RealScience Athletics, Nal prides himself in his no-B.S. approach to just about everything fitness-related.

It (Building muscle, burning fat and getting into impressive shape) requires hard work, discipline and consistency, yes, but the process itself is far from rocket-science despite how unnecessarily over-complicated all the “experts” out there try to make it.

Sean Nal

That explains his soaring online popularity that includes:

  • Over 220,000 loyal YouTube subscribers (amassing 35+ million views)
  • Videos debunking supplement myths, offering fitness advice, and demoing exercises
  • Published articles about nutrition, training, supplements, and motivation
  • A supplement line free from proprietary blends & using research-proven ingredients

Sean Nal is an enigma, and, aside from his Body Transformation Blueprint (and rogue reviews from satisfied athletes), there’s not much information about this mysterious bodybuilder anywhere.

But we do know that he’s a stern advocate for cutting fads and gimmicks from the bodybuilding community. And that he converted his once scrawny physique into a ripped powerhouse.

Take that as you will.

Is Sean Nal Legit?

Define “legit.”

Sean Nal’s impressive ripped physique certainly isn’t up for debate. His deep-cut muscles, bulging pecs, washboard abs, and popping deltoids are impossible to ignore or not respect.

He covers the knowledge front too. Flip through Body Transformation Blueprint or read one of his online articles, and you’ll realize he’s as science-happy and gimmick-avoidant as he claims.

But the “legit” factor revolves around two final points:

  1. What are his qualifications? Sean Nal calls himself a coach and bodybuilder but never reveals where he earned his certification or whether he has a degree in kinesiology, biomechanics, or exercise science. He also proudly boasts he’s never graced the stage at a fitness competition, suggesting it’s something he’ll never do in his lifetime.
  2. Is he all-natural? In 2016, Nal released a video entitled “Why I Personally Don’t Take Steroids,” detailing why he’s chosen the PED-free route. But this doesn’t stop the forum skeptics from questioning whether such chiseled gains are possible without steroids.

As for whether he’s legit, Nal’s content is science-backed and detailed enough for beginners learning the ropes. Vetting his content, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

But without further evidence, it seems like he’s just another gym junkie who likes lifting.

Sorry to be so harsh, but hey… we’re trying to show you that we’re not biased.

What is Body Transformation Blueprint?

What is Body Transformation Blueprint image

Sean Nal penned Body Transformation Blueprint out of pure frustration with the traditional fitness and bodybuilding empires.

Notorious for promising the world to naive athletes, Nal realized that 90-95% of fitness content is B.S., not built upon “real science,” and designed to keep eager customers buying their products.

He even suggested that marketers — not fitness experts — craft most bodybuilding systems!

Body Transformation Blueprint is a science-based step-by-step system free from fads, supplements, and gimmicks that only rope you in to steal your hard-earned cash.

Sean Nal describes his program as:

  • A guaranteed 24-pound fat melt in 90 days
  • Producing visible results in as little as one week
  • Based upon ten year’s worth of research
  • A fat minimizer and mass maximizer (classic body recomposition)
  • The shortcut to a lean physique in just 12 weeks
  • Uncovering the bodybuilding myths that are holding you back

Boasting over 1,000 pages of in-depth custom content, it’s clear that Sean Nal poured his heart, soul, and expertise into Body Transformation Blueprint.

He’s so confident that you’ll dig this program that he’s offering a 60-day money-back guarantee.

On the first sniff test, this program seems like it has all the resources you need to really change your body (similar to Superhero X12).

But we’re not letting him off the hook that easy; we’re going to flip through the pages and learn whether the depth matches the potential results!

Program Details

Body Transformation Blueprint is a ridiculously in-depth recomposition guide divided into six worthwhile subsections:

  • Quick Start Guide (23 pages)
  • Body Transformation Blueprint (246 pages)
  • No-Fail Workout System (36 pages)
  • No-Fail Meal Plan (561 pages)
  • No-Fail Supplement Guide (51 pages)
  • Body Transformation Blueprint Cookbook (242 pages)

The program also comes with a link to Sean Nal’s BTB Video Exercise Database. But how many times have you ordered a 10-pound college textbook, only to realize it’s “optional” or a waste?

Been there, done that. Now, let’s take a peek at what’s hidden within BTB’s thousand pages.

Quick Start Guide

The moment you open the download folder and see more than six documents totaling over 1,000 pages (literally), you might think you’re in over your head. Who has the time to read all that?

Nobody! That’s why Sean Nal included a handy Quick Start Guide with this program to explain the main book in 23 pages (with bullet points, thankfully) instead of 246.

He suggests using this mini-guide as a launching pad as you transition to the real guide over the next few weeks, but truthfully, this doc is far less cluttered and easier to digest than the real one.

In this quick guide (and in the full BTB version), you’ll learn a mishmash of bodybuilding-related concepts, like:


  • A goal body fat percentage for bulking vs. cutting (12-14% vs. 18-20%, respectively)
  • How to calculate your caloric and macronutrient requirements to match your goals
  • When it’s okay to add cheat meals (and how to do it without going overboard)
  • How to track your nutritional intake (looking at you, MyFitnessPal)
  • “Diet breaks” and how to do them right

Note: There are a few unanswered questions here. Suggesting up to 1-2 alcoholic beverages per week, drinking water until your urine is “clear,” and not specifying when to eat is vague and even modestly misleading.


  • Whether training to failure matches its hype (should you leave a few reps in the tank?)
  • How much to increase your working weights every 2-4 weeks
  • Ideal reps, sets, and intensity for hypertrophy (mass)
  • How much rest to leave between sets
  • Time under tension and how it relates to hypertrophy (eccentric vs. concentric)
  • Whether mornings or afternoons are best for lifting


  • Is cardio even necessary?
  • Whether cardio should come before, after, or separate from lifting
  • HIIT vs. low-intensity steady-state cardio (LISS)
  • How much cardio should you do to avoid sacrificing gains?

Phase Transitioning & Progress Tracking

  • Deciding when to transition between a bulk and a cut (and vice versa)
  • How much weight to lose and mass to gain per week
  • When you’ll reach peak physique (sadly, 4-5 years)
  • How to manage both bulking and cutting at the same time

The Body Transformation Blueprint

The main ebook — Body Transformation Blueprint — is a big fella, with 246 info-packed pages explaining the Quick Start Guide concepts in far greater detail.

Before we get any further, Sean Nal deserves a firm pat on the back.

No matter how skilled a lifter you are, you’ll learn something new on every page, whether that’s how to squeeze cheat meals into your eating plan or how trans fats differ from MUFAs.

This easily-digestible guide (at least content-wise) will leave you a pseudo-expert on anatomical diagrams, what each muscle does, and how to target each best.

But we have a few bones to pick here:

  1. The massive text walls are ridiculous and not for the faint of heart. Nal hardly uses subsections, lists, bullets, and diagrams in this ebook, so you have to read word-for-word since nothing jumps out at you while scanning (4.5 straight pages on volume, no breaks).
  2. There are no scientific studies cited, let alone referenced, as you might see in a Jeff Nippard plan. As much as his physique likely matches what he’s spouting, it’s hard to trust a random bodybuilder with your physique without knowing where he got this information.

Because the supplemental readings are so mind-blowingly detailed and straight to the point, the main ebook falls to the backburner. It’s a good read, but only for those craving more knowledge.

The No-Fail Workout System

This 36-page workout guide immediately refers you to the main book if you’re wondering about when to use either of the three custom plans. But it’s rather self-explanatory without doing that.

Here’s the gist of it.

There are three workout “phases” in Sean Nal’s Body Transformation Blueprint:

  • Phase 1: A full-body routine three times per week for true beginners or those not impressed by their previous gains
  • Phase 2: An upper/lower split performed 3-4 times per week for those with 10-15 pounds of lean mass progress but eyeing a more targeted split
  • Phase 3: A legs/push/pull routine consisting of 4-5 workouts per week for those with ample training experience (1-2 years) and hoping to amplify training volume

Anyone and everyone can start at phase one and see substantial results, as long as you’re following the rest of the BTB guide, not sacrificing form, and focusing on progressive overload.

Nal recommends spending 6-12 months on each phase. However, you can leap forward if you’re seeing impressive progress, hitting plateaus, or facing boredom during your training sessions.

Your muscles don’t shout “I’m ready” once month five passes.

What Are the Workouts Like?

BTB workouts all follow a similar theme, whether you’re on day one or year five. Sessions begin with a 3-5 minute low-intensity cardio warm-up and dynamic exercises to get the blood flowing.

Then, you’re ready to dive into your workout. The exercise choices aren’t wild and crazy, but rather exercises you’ve probably already mastered (leg presses, rope pushdowns).

Most BTB workouts build upon the following principles:

  • 7-9 exercises per workout
  • 2-3 sets per exercise
  • 5-12 reps per set
  • 45-75 minutes per session
  • 1.5-3 minutes rest between sets

Nal also scribbles in alternative exercises in the “Notes” section because nothing ever goes as planned. If there’s a bench hog or your gym doesn’t have cables, you have other options!

The No-Fail Meal Plan

The No-Fail Meal Plan is the most comprehensive section in this program, spanning 561 pages while dubbing it the “easy-to-follow nutrition guide.”

Not quite as concise as the nutrition guide in Superhero X12, but we’ll roll with it.

The first 11 pages are more introductory than anything else (a cheat sheet, of sorts). There, Nal addresses the questions you might have as you scan the guide, offering details on:

  • How to use the guide (yes, you can alternate between the cutting and bulking plans, so long as you’re sticking to the same calorie count)
  • Which seasonings are okay in moderation
  • Food suggestions for protein, carbs, and fat (he also adds links to their pages on CalorieKing, but be careful, not all are accurate — “potatoes” takes you to “Greek yogurt)
  • The role brand name can play in precise caloric and macro counts

Once you know whether you’re bulking and cutting and calculate your daily calories, you’re ready to swipe to the right page (i.e., Bulking Plan 1,800 Calories).

Nal offers plans in 100-calorie increments for both bulking (1,800 through 4,500 calories) and cutting (1,200 calories through 3,200).

Round up or down to the one closest to your needs!

What’s In the Guide?

You can select a plan from the table of contents, and it’ll send you to the right place. Each meal plan offers five dishes per day and a five-day schedule.

In the average daily plan, you’ll discover:

  • A planned-out breakfast, shake, lunch, snack, and dinner
  • Serving sizes (often in grams) for each ingredient
  • Calories, protein, carbs, and fat per ingredient and meal
  • Recommended supplements (when and how often to take ‘em)

If you gain weight (bulk) or slim down (cut), recalculate your caloric needs and switch to the appropriate plan. All follow the same basic format and dishes, the only difference being calories.

The No-Fail Supplement Guide

The supplement guide, in all of its 51-page glory, is a predicted marketing and scientific mash-up. Sean Nal breaks this guide (and supplements) down into three sections:

  • Recommended
  • Secondary considerations
  • Non-recommended

When he’s not weaving self-promotions for his RealScience Athletics products, Nal explains the “must-take” supplements, how to take them, and how they can aid the transformation process.

And since this our blog post and we can do whatever we want, we’re going to include a few affiliate links of our own. (tee hee)

He sprinkles in a few third-party recommendations (like Optimum Nutrition).

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

Here’s one of the most popular and reliable brands in high-quality whey protein powder. 24g of protein never tasted so good.

If you ever wondered why bodybuilders and caffeine are best pals (offsetting strength decreases while training) or why zinc is so crucial to gains (testosterone), this guide will build your expertise.

What Does Sean Nal Recommend?

We can’t reveal too much about this mini-guide, but we can tell you that Sean Nal is a huge advocate for scientifically-proven supplements. His top-recommended supplements are:

If you’re curious about more obscure supplements like L-glutamine, beta-alanine, and weight gain powders, you’ll find the answer by thumbing through this section!

MuscleTech Platinum Creatine Monohydrate Powder

This MuscleTech supplement is 80 servings of pure creatine to speed up recovery and increase your gains in the gym. Mixes easily in any beverage and is completely free of any questionable or banned substances.

BTB Video Exercise Database

The BTB Video Exercise Database is a godsend for true beginners moving away from the functional fitness world or lacing up their lifting shoes for the first time ever.

Home to over 100 weightlifting exercises, this diagram-based website (link provided with your purchase) divides those critical BTB exercises into the following muscle groups:

  • Back (lats, traps, mid-back, lower)
  • Shoulders (front, middle, rear)
  • Chest (upper, mid/lower)
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Core (abs, obliques)
  • Thigh (glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings)
  • Calves

In other words, there’s no need to sit through a 30-second YouTube ad before watching a demo. Or secretly watch a fellow gym-goer crank out a few reps to learn proper form without asking.

How It Works

Just click a muscle on the diagram (say, the calves), select an exercise from the list (calf jumps, for example), and then you’ll land on a page dedicated to this lone exercise.

There, you can get a quick beginner-friendly rundown that includes:

  • A 20 to 30-second demo video (finally, no B.S. advertisements or rambling)
  • The target muscle group
  • The equipment you’ll need
  • A quick step-by-step guide (down to the foot position and hand grip)
  • Tips for performing the exercise without injuring yourself (or lookin’ a fool)

The quick anatomy/physiology lesson is rad. But what’s even neater is that Sean Nal weaves these pages into his in-depth workout plan, ready to fire when you come across a new exercise!

It hardly scratches the surface outside of BTB, but it’s a rock-solid beginner tool.

The Body Transformation Cookbook

The Body Transformation Cookbook is a little confusing because it lands you in a pickle.

Will you use the already detailed meal plan matching your calories recommendations and goal (cut or bulk)? Or will you craft a custom-made meal plan infusing these 220 tasty recipes?

Sean Nal divides this 242-page cookbook into eight meal categories (with a quick taste of the recipes you’ll discover in each):

  • Breakfast (vanilla protein latte & Mexican frittata)
  • Poultry (chicken and mushroom pizza & sweet chicken pancakes)
  • Beef and pork (lean beef chili & bison omelet roll-up)
  • Fish and seafood (shrimp pizza & Thai fish cakes)
  • Snack and bar (apple cinnamon protein bars & pita chips and salsa)
  • Dessert (lemon blueberry yogurt parfait & coconut protein balls)
  • Vegan (Teriyaki tofu burger & easy protein waffles)
  • Smoothie (plum lemon shake & orange creamsicle shake)

Rest assured, if you were dreading plain-old chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli five times a day, you won’t come anywhere close to that. These recipes sound (and look) pretty damn good.

And with 220 options, you can jumble up your meal plans to keep your taste buds guessing.

What Each Recipe Includes

Although there’s no way to know whether your sweet potato chicken hash skillet will look Instagram-worthy (the ol’ no picture bummer), each individual recipe is quite detailed.

We’re not all Emeril Lagasse or Gordon Ramsey in the making, so from the chef and bodybuilder perspectives, you’ll appreciate the precision Sean Nal thought to include.

Each recipe offers precise ingredient descriptions (cups, scoops, grams), detailed instructions on how to cook the dish, the exact nutrition facts per serving, and how many servings per batch.

Log ‘em into MyFitnessPal or CalorieKing and keep it moving!

11 Unforgettable Benefits of BTB

  1. Even if you never open the actual Body Transformation Blueprint, the supplementary materials (cookbook, meal plan, & workout) are well worth the investment.
  2. The 220-meal cookbook builds a solid nutritional foundation for the non-cooks.
  3. Except for a rogue few exercises that don’t have links, the workout guide connects to the exercise database to teach you how to do those new exercises.
  4. There are well-laid-out meal plans for bulking and cutting in 100-calorie increments between 1,200 and 4,500 daily calories (no need to DIY or wing it).
  5. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your progress.
  6. The plan tackles body recomposition with a four-pronged approach: Diet, weightlifting, cardio, and supplements (a “gold standard” in the bodybuilding arena).
  7. There are clear progressions around every curve — from cutting to bulking, beginner resistance training to intermediate, and 1,400 calories/day to 1,500.
  8. The “Quick Start Guide” cuts right to the point (learn about the plan in some 30 minutes instead of four hours).
  9. If an exercise doesn’t mesh with your mojo or your gym is too old-school to have cable machines, there are alternatives for nearly every exercise.
  10. Assuming the before-and-after snaps on Sean Nal’s website are authentic, this program lives up to the hype (sculpt muscle, shred fat, the full monty).
  11. Set aside a few hours to read the BTB; you’ll learn something new on every page!

7 Negatives of BTB

  1. The main ebook is hard to follow if mental focus isn’t your forte (ex: a 4.5-page uninterrupted section on volume with no bolding, subsections, or lists is a bit much).
  2. Unless you have a fitness or science itch that needs scratching, you can achieve the same results with just the meal plans, workout plan, and cookbook.
  3. The promises are a bit overhyped and seem gimmicky, even though Nal is looking to defy the classic fads (ex: lose 24 pounds in 90 days).
  4. Sean Nal touts his science-based approach to everything fitness but doesn’t include links or references to legitimate studies.
  5. The dozens of meal plans divided by cut/bulk and caloric intake are great, but you won’t ever need some 500+ pages of the 561-page meal plan guide.
  6. Nal suggests following each routine for 6-12 months; plateaus and boredom are possible.
  7. He hypes up this program from the aesthetic perspective (ex: having luck with women), with a lesser focus on losing weight and building muscle for health benefits.

Body Transformation Blueprint Review – Summary

Sean Nal’s Body Transformation Blueprint is, bar none, one of the best bodybuilding guides that we’ve seen thus far. Wedged into its 1,000+ pages are a well-laid-out workout guide (beginner through advanced), cookbook and meal plan, and detailed supplement know-how.

But is it legit? Here’s our answer.

BTB is an unrivaled introduction to sculpting a defined physique, covering every skill level, daily calorie recommendation, and starting point imaginable. Sean Nal uses this digital soapbox to walk athletes through complex meal planning and sculpting more aesthetic physiques (a time-saver!).

For the detail and supplementary materials lumped into one package, few other guides offer this much bang for your buck. But as with all programs, BTB is a bit ragged around the edges.

The 24-pound fat melt promise in 90 days could sound a bit gimmicky. And because the real info is sprinkled into the cookbook, meal plan, and workout guide, the main ebook winds up being the supplementary (or optional) reading material.

The lack of scientific-backing despite Sean Nal’s research obsession and potential for plateaus or boredom are also lingering concerns with this one.

Overall, it’s everything you could possibly need to know about diet, supplements, and exercise and well worth the investment for years to come.

Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Check out Sean Nal’s Body Transformation Blueprint for yourself.

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