Bench 300 12-Week Workout Plan (Review)

Having a fairly large bench has all the time been a flex, and nonetheless stays that to at the moment. Many may even argue that should you actually need to get excellent at one thing all efforts must be operating in opposition to improving that factor. In case you wanna get extraordinarily excellent at benching, you wish to have to do numerous
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Having a fairly large bench has all the time been a flex, and nonetheless stays that to at the moment. Many may even argue that should you actually need to get excellent at one thing all efforts must be operating in opposition to improving that factor.

In case you wanna get extraordinarily excellent at benching, you wish to have to do numerous benching. The Bench 300 12 Week Exercise might be the solution – let’s to find out.

Bench 300 12-Week Exercise Plan Review

The Bench 300 12-Week Workout Plan used to be designed with one goal in intellect. To get your bench from the place it’s now to an all-time prime.

While standard power coaching protocols would generally employ sure percentages, and so on, this plan objectives to be a lot more easy.

  • Health degree: Intermediate
  • Period: 12 Weeks
  • Exercises every week: 1 Exercise every week
  • Reasonable exercise period: 45 – 60 Mins in step with Week
  • Apparatus wanted: Minimum apparatus
  • Purpose: Construct muscle

The bench press is a moderately particular workout, seeing because it no longer handiest makes use of more than one muscle teams but additionally works throughout more than a few joints. This not directly makes it the “king” of the higher frame actions, and for this reason a program like this might if truth be told paintings – it’s a troublesome motion to grasp.

The attention-grabbing factor in regards to the Bench 300 Exercise is… there’s just one exercise every week? This is going towards the entirety you’ve ever heard about coaching.

The general public have plentiful restoration to coach their chest a minimum of two times every week.

That being mentioned, this plan extremely advises towards it. Coaching the bench press (no longer coaching the chest) is not just onerous at the muscle tissue, however could also be extremely onerous at the CNS.

The Central Fearful Device is the “web connection” of the frame.

Doing actions which can be extraordinarily taxing, or coaching extremely onerous, can each tax the CNS. When you’re doing this an excessive amount of, that may end up in larger cortisol and hindered restoration.

Therefore why this program prefers you handiest teach on a bench as soon as every week.

You’ll be able to nonetheless teach different portions of the frame, clearly. They usually come up with two choices to run this bench program with a Bodybuilder and Powerlifting cut up.

Bodybuilder Taste:

  • Monday: Bench 300
  • Tuesday: Leisure or Aerobic
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps
  • Friday: Again and Biceps
  • Weekend: Leisure or Aerobic

Powerlifter Taste:

  • Monday: Bench 300
  • Wednesday: Squat Focal point
  • Thursday: Overhead Press Focal point
  • Friday: Deadlift Focal point

This sort of steering signifies that the Bench 300 isn’t for freshmen and even new(er) intermediates. If you’re green you could need to glance elsewhere to peer growth to your bench.

Any other attention-grabbing factor in regards to the plan is the shift from a 1RM – One Rep Max. This implies you’re predominantly going to be doing numerous reps, which does have its drawbacks and advantages.

You are going to be doing a one-rep max one day, specifically at 6-7 weeks after beginning. In addition they advise that you simply do it on an afternoon you’re feeling specifically excellent and contemporary – get ready for it as an athlete would.

It’s also urged (in the similar breath because the 1RM remark) that you simply don’t bench like a powerlifter. This implies benching with a flat again, standard grip, and little to no jolting leg power.

The Vitamin aspect of this system is moderately lackluster, with the one actual recommendation being given is in regards to the following:

  • 1 gram of protein in step with pound of body weight
  • 5 grams of creatine in step with day

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As you’ll be able to see, it’s a bit of bland. With all that mentioned and executed, let’s take a deeper have a look at this system.

Bench 300 12-Week Exercise Plan Main points

As discussed ahead of, the 12 Week program handiest actually advises one bench exercise every week. That is moderately standard to powerlifters (except they do every other gentle/dynamic day), however a normal bodybuilding program has chest coaching more than one instances every week.

Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty.

Most effective Coaching As soon as a Week?

It is a unusual one. A ton of other folks can be scratching their heads after they see this system after which 6 days every week are indexed as “Leisure Days”.

While you scope round a bit of, the phrases “pass forward and do a decrease day” is indexed someplace, however with that being mentioned… what must you do?

That is the place the specificity of this program is available in. This isn’t for all other folks.

People which can be a bit of extra green must no longer be doing this plan. There are for sure sure actions that might assist your bench, corresponding to development an especially sturdy set of lats to stay you solid while benching.

Glance, to their credit score, they are saying “pass teach this” or “teach that”, however that’s about it. That can assist you a bit of, listed here are some particular actions you need to do that may assist the bench press:

Motion Reason why
Unmarried Arm Pulldown Miserable the lats whilst benching can actually mean you can stabilize within the bench press
Face Pull More potent shoulders can dramatically building up your bench press 
Higher Again Rows  A more potent scapula/higher again muscle won’t handiest mean you can stabilize a bar higher however may just lower your vary of movement that means an more straightforward rep
Shut Grip Bench The #1 power builder to your triceps as a bencher
Overhead Tricep Extension Coaching the lengthy head of the tricep allow you to with bench urgent

Relying for your restoration features and your overarching targets, you merely can’t be coaching as soon as every week and anticipating effects.


You’ll understand a fairly large a part of this system is all in favour of mobility, which is a moderately great marvel in the case of weight coaching methods. The mobility and warmup portions are necessary for a couple of other causes:

  1. Warding off harm
  2. Development a mind-muscle connection
  3. The beginning of your “Pump”

The great factor about setting up a mobility a part of the method is the truth that you’ll be extremely cell! This won’t sound like a lot, however the larger and more potent you get, we generally see a corresponding decreasing in mobility – particularly across the chest and shoulders.

It’s also urged you do a bit of of froth rolling and lighter actions ahead of you get started benching to actually get the blood flowing. Whilst this may increasingly indirectly building up your quantity at the bar, it is going to for sure building up your restoration features and reduce the danger of harm.

2 Professionals of the Bench 300 12-Week Exercise Plan

  1. Simplicity. Frequently we’ll come throughout coaching methods (particularly power methods) that paintings with percentages of maxes, or with reps in reserve, it might turn out to be extremely overwhelming. This program does the other of this and easily coaches you to get as sturdy as you’ll be able to with excellent ‘ol reps and units.
  2. With the “as soon as per week coaching” protocol you do have the liberty to include this into just about every other coaching plan you’re already following.

4 Cons of the Bench 300 12-Week Exercise Plan

  1. Coaching as soon as per week will merely no longer paintings. In case your handiest purpose is benching, there are higher methods available in the market, that can program sure actions or even sure sorts of lifting on different days to extend your bench
  2. Despite the fact that they play an enormous function, there’s actually little if any tricep paintings at the exercise days
  3. The vitamin guides are an entire letdown. Now not a point out of the collection of energy, nutrient partitioning, and even meals high quality. If you’re a newbie or simply getting to grasp what health/vitamin is, additional information would actually pass some distance
  4. The entire vibe simply turns out a bit of “Simply get it executed”. It seems like extra effort may have been given to the improvement of this plan. The quantity of knowledge is low, and the style wherein it’s offered could also be moderately disappointing

Bench 300 12-Week Exercise Plan – Ultimate Ideas

Benching isn’t simple. Numerous other folks fight, and a few even tear off complete pecs when going for very prime weight. It will make sense that in an effort to recuperate at it, you spend a large amount of effort and time bettering it.

That is merely no longer one of the best ways to do this. The entire loss of different coaching guides, vitamin guides, and easily the entire vibe of this program could be very disappointing. I’m no powerlifter, however my absolute best pals are and they might scratch their heads when seeing this.

When you’ve got a purpose, sure partition extra time in opposition to it, however actually? No directions for the opposite days? Seems like this “Exercise Plan” may have been a unique exercise.

Score: 1.5 out of five

The publish Bench 300 12-Week Workout Plan (Review) gave the impression first on NOOB GAINS.

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