Bar Brothers (The System) Workout Program Review

Calisthenics – nobody within the health club is aware of precisely what you’re doing, however deep down, we’re additionally all slightly jealous. More than a few coaches and exercise methods have grown in recognition to lend a hand on a regular basis folks change into their easiest selves. The Device from Bar Brothers is that form of program, so let’s see if it’s any excellent.
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Calisthenics – nobody within the health club is aware of precisely what you’re doing, however deep down, we’re additionally all slightly jealous.

More than a few coaches and exercise methods have grown in recognition to lend a hand on a regular basis folks change into their easiest selves.

The Device from Bar Brothers is that form of program, so let’s see if it’s any excellent.

Concerning the Creators – The Bar Brothers

Opposite to what the title suggests, Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic are no longer brothers. Those two are simply buddies who discovered a brotherhood-like bond within the health club.

Dusan presented Lazar to lifting and the game of calisthenics, and Lazar beloved each and every 2nd of it. They quickly began generating motivational movies on websites like YouTube, the place they’ve accrued greater than 700,000 subscribers through the years. They no longer handiest succeeded in motivating others but additionally modified their reasonably thin our bodies into aesthetic physiques.

It quickly dawned upon them that they had been now ready to train folks. Whilst calisthenics is well known, it’s an excellent area of interest recreation – the very best setting to make some cash whilst training others.

As a result of they’ve spent months and years construction their very own physiques to accomplish the abilities for the YouTube movies, they knew what it took to make development. Thus, they began their very own corporate: The Bar Brothers.

The Device is the 12-week program that they created themselves to lend a hand women and men alike development bodily and mentally. They even have a little bit of merch – some great garments and health tools!

Then again, like my grandpa at all times stated, “a pleasing hoodie does no longer maketh the calisthenics guy!”

… Or one thing like that.

In any case, let’s take a look on the Device.

Bar Brothers (The Device) Evaluation

In the event you’ve ever been searching for a hands-on design, that is it. You’ll be able to overlook about fancy web page designs or very best UX/UI, Bar Brothers (The System) is actually simply two guys that need to get their wisdom throughout.

In my view, I rather like that. It has a definite “It’s nonetheless your set” vibe. Simply bear in mind that in case you favor a state of the art design, it’s no longer for you.

  • Health stage: Newbie to intermediate
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • Workout routines a week: 5 – 6 workout routines a week
  • Moderate exercise period: 45 – 60 mins
  • Apparatus wanted: Minimum apparatus
  • Purpose: Construct muscle and acquire energy

Once more, this plan isn’t the smoothest from an interplay point of view. This would be the ultimate time I point out this earlier than the belief. Then again, it’s no longer extraordinarily intuitive. It’s iffy and rather onerous to know.

The Device is divided into 17 subsections, every with its personal video(s) and data that can assist you alongside the way in which. You’ll get started off with a Trying out Section to put the baseline for the place your energy and staying power are lately.

After this analysis, you’re thrown into the deep finish, as your first day is a leg day.

The Device Main points

Every week of this program goes to concentrate on making improvements to your general energy. On the subject of calisthenics (and the Device), you shouldn’t be aiming to get large. Your chew is meant to be larger than your bark.

The entire practicing shall be carried out with little to no apparatus. This, after all, is terribly really useful as a result of you’ll do it from the relief of your home, and you’ll get started the method of getting ripped without weights.

Granted, chances are you’ll want to spend money on a couple of pull-up bars

Eating regimen for Calisthenics

On the subject of practicing for calisthenics, it’s a must to push your frame to be the reverse of what maximum energy athletes are. You want to be as lean as conceivable whilst protecting an enormous quantity of energy and steadiness.

A large a part of that is going to be managing your weight. Yup, there’s a reason why those guys are so lean. In truth, earlier than they even get into this system, they talk about diet…

However “talk about” is an excessively huge time period. Sadly, they talk about all the flawed issues.

Ahead of we delve into what they get flawed, they do percentage a perfect video on methods to make a mass gainer shake at house and some other shake you’ll drink earlier than a exercise – great. That is the place the niceness stops hastily, and also you’re unexpectedly pounded over the top with incorrect information that’s a number of years outdated…

The Frame Sort Dialogue

Body types or in a different way referred to as somatotypes.

As it’s possible you’ll or would possibly not know, those frame varieties come with the ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph frame varieties so regularly proven in diagrams or movies to give an explanation for why you’ll’t acquire or drop extra pounds.


  • Ectomorphs are those that are naturally thin and battle to realize weight, and whilst they might make a perfect base for calisthenics, they are going to have bother making improvements to their energy.
  • Mesomorphs are very best all-around. Giant shoulders, a tiny waist, and simply the genetics to get better from the rest and the whole lot.
  • Endomorphs are the large guys and gals, those that are almost certainly higher fitted to powerlifting. They fight with calisthenics and would want to spend numerous time healthy eating plan.

It sort of feels affordable sufficient, and most of the people do almost certainly fall inside of one or two of those varieties. Since this data is coming from coaches, it should be right kind, proper?

A large red-nosed no.

Somatotypes had been invented within the 1900s by means of a psychologist named William Herbert Sheldon. He didn’t even simply have a look at bodily characteristics however psychological characteristics as nicely. He made wild claims that individuals are extra at risk of crime because of adipose tissue, and many others.

This was once by no means confirmed. In truth, even the folk of his time knew he was once simply speaking nonsense. However, “Lifestyles, uh, reveals some way” (shout-out to Dr. Malcolm), and the speculation has caught round – identical to the concept that there may just ever be a greater Jurassic Park film than the outdated ones.

"Life finds a way" from Jurassic Park

These days, the idea of somatotypes is used to explain people who are simply simple obese or simply don’t consume sufficient to realize weight. Sorry to sound blunt, but it surely’s the reality.

The Bar Brothers don’t point out any of the next within the diet segment:

  • What energy are, the place they arrive from, and the way the human frame makes use of them
  • How energy from protein vary from that of fat and/or carbs
  • Why we’d like positive carbs and/or fat
  • How a lot a person would wish according to targets
  • How diet adjustments over the 12-week route
  • Tips on how to make meal prep much less of a trouble
  • Meal timing and prioritizing positive meals at positive instances
  • Calorie control according to practicing/non-training days
  • Hydration, supplementation, or micronutrients
  • Actually the rest

They’ve 3 movies – two shakes and one about somatotypes – which is BS.

That is, in truth, a multitude. I’ve observed extra (and higher) recommendation on Oprah.

Is the Coaching Any Higher?

Now that we’ve taken a while to get better from the bleak diet enjoy, let’s delve into this program’s practicing.

Does it development week to week? Is there a monitoring machine? Are they in fact seeking to get you higher?


For a program to be excellent – or no less than excellent with reference to you getting effects – it wishes to stick to at least one easy factor: development. In the event you’re no longer making development week to week, why would you be higher on the finish of 12 weeks?

They use a reasonably attention-grabbing approach for energy practicing, which is solely “do as many reps as you’ll in a time frame.” For example, let’s have a look at the leg workout routines from weeks 1, 6, and 12.

Week 1

Motion Time to Educate  Units Relaxation
Top Knees 30 Seconds 3 – 4 30 Seconds
Squats 30 Seconds 3 – 4 30 Seconds
Leaping Lunges 30 Seconds 3 – 4 30 Seconds
Wall Take a seat 30 Seconds 3 – 4 50 Seconds
Calf Raises 20 Seconds 3 – 4 35 Seconds
Aspect Hops 20 Seconds 3 – 4 40 Seconds

In comparison to a typical health club bro leg exercise, this doesn’t look like a lot, however legs aren’t that necessary to a calisthenics athlete. They want sturdy glutes and hamstrings for static actions, and general, the lighter the legs are, the easier.

Week 6

Motion Time to Educate  Units Relaxation
Squats 35 Seconds 4 – 5 30 Seconds
Top Knees 35 Seconds 4 – 5 30 Seconds
Leaping Lunges 35 Seconds 4 – 5 30 Seconds
Calf Raises 35 Seconds 4 – 5 40 Seconds
Wall Take a seat 35 Seconds 4 – 5 30 Seconds
Aspect Hops 35 Seconds 4 – 5 45 Seconds

So we will be able to see some development right here. They’ve greater the units by means of one for every workout however then additionally greater the period of time you do the ones workout routines.

Extra time is excellent – we all know that muscle enlargement takes position because of mechanical stress, so extra time underneath stress is perfect. Whilst this phase is excellent, the greater quantity isn’t at all times as excellent… It’s no longer regularly we see coaches build up quantity.

In truth, maximum coaches lower quantity as time progresses for the reason that individual has the facility to paintings tougher in keeping with set. May just this be on account of the particular practicing taste? Possibly… It’s simply no longer regularly we see folks in fact recover after we build up their quantity.

What about week 12?

Week 12

Motion Time to Educate  Units Relaxation
Squats 30 Seconds 6 – 10  30 Seconds
Top Knees 30 Seconds 6 – 10  30 Seconds
Leaping Lunges 30 Seconds 6 – 10  45 Seconds
Calf Raises 30 Seconds 6 – 10  50 Seconds
Wall Take a seat 30 Seconds 6 – 10  60 Seconds

Now the whole lot has modified dramatically! We’ve misplaced one motion, facet hops, which is completely high-quality, however the quantity has doubled in a couple of weeks! What?!

There’s so little reason why to extend quantity – ever. You must be vastly skilled for there to be a necessity for such quantity, they usually point out NOTHING about restoration! This isn’t shaping out to be a excellent plan.

A excellent plan sees you progressing in effort in keeping with set week to week, your quantity remains the similar or decreases, and also you get more potent every week. This is how virtually all energy athletes paintings, and having a look at extra well-liked calisthenics methods, they paintings the similar.

For the reason that program is so primitive and restricted in motion varieties and techniques of development (it’s calisthenics, in spite of everything), they almost certainly really feel the want to bash you with quantity. Whilst they may see one or two folks making some development, that is probably the most primitive solution to recover.

Am I slightly harsh? Possibly, however you may need your cash’s value, proper? I’d be expecting far more. In truth, I’d ask for money back.

The One Professional of the Device

On every occasion you buy a program, there must be a transparent indication of who this program was once created for. Learners wouldn’t apply this system created for professionals and vice versa.

Sadly, the Device doesn’t state anyplace who this plan is for. Due to this fact, it’s a must to make that decision your self.

The truth is that this plan is fairly k for novices, which is the largest and handiest professional it truly has. “No apparatus” is a prerequisite for calisthenics, so it’s no longer truly a professional. The most important advantage of this plan is so easy is that just about any newbie can apply this plan to the T.

There aren’t any strategies of lifting or development which are too onerous to know, and for probably the most phase, the workout routines aren’t onerous. The movies (and the Bar Brothers) aren’t intimidating, and subsequently, a newbie would like this setting.

Additionally, in comparison to different plans, I bet it’s reasonably cost-effective.

4 “The Device” Cons

  1. It isn’t well-designed aesthetically or training-wise. The aesthetics of the web page, the UX, and UI are all rather horrible, in reality, and whilst this doesn’t affect the standard of the product itself, it makes a distinction general. Shifting on from there…
  2. The diet is woeful. No longer handiest do they fail to say any actual details, however they’ve a complete video that includes flawed, unproven science. In comparison to bodybuilders, a calisthenic athlete’s vitamin could be more uncomplicated, certain, but it surely indubitably nonetheless performs an enormous position. I anticipated extra from a program that guarantees that can assist you acquire muscle and lose fats (don’t be expecting a Greek God physique from this one).
  3. The programming of the workout routines is dangerous. Development is according to quantity, and also you aren’t truly inspired to trace your workout routines. You’ll get a definite period of time to do paintings, and that’s that. Certain, this would possibly paintings for the gen pop having a look to burn some fats at house whilst staring at Days of Our Lives, however this isn’t how energy athletes must educate. Ever.
  4. Whilst there are many movies, it’s obvious that those guys are rather younger and contemporary within the recreation. Now, that is completely high-quality, and I commend them for doing one thing as superb as this. Then again, in case you handiest have 100 greenbacks to spend on a program… You’d almost certainly opt for a extra skilled means.

Bar Brothers (The Device) – Ultimate Ideas

I’m no longer about to mention that it seems like this plan turns out love it got here from a shed within the midlands – as a result of that’s slightly harsh, and it obviously got here from an condo (the movies are shot of their front room).

There are some lovely giant flaws to Bar Brothers (The System). It isn’t truly medical, they percentage numerous incorrect information, and the science of the educational is low-key non-existent. Moreover, except you’re a newbie, you’ll snicker on the practicing.

There’s a selected workforce of people that’d get pleasure from this plan – novices. It isn’t a horrible plan general, but it surely appears like they may’ve carried out higher.

I’d, for my part, no longer make investments $100 into this plan.

They fail to speak about development, the significance of diet and restoration, and even destroy down what the overarching targets of calisthenics are. People (on Reddit) have identical reviews, and maximum say, “it’s simply alright.”

The Bar Brothers may just give a boost to the plan by means of:

  • Offering extra details about diet
  • Revealing recommendations on methods to get better and why it’s necessary
  • Converting practicing/vitamin to fit your day-to-day existence
  • The use of higher practicing schemes

That’s so much to give a boost to, however those guys are very younger, they usually do be capable of develop.

In the event you’re new to calisthenics and you need a coaching program (and not using a actual data), that is the plan for you. Simply be sure you watch and skim different literature to get an concept of why you’re doing positive actions.

If you’ll already perform a little actions like a handstand or a again lever, perhaps glance in other places. There are many methods on-line and quite a lot of coaches on Instagram that’d fit you extra.

Use the precise gear for the precise jobs.

Ranking: 1.0 out of five

The submit Bar Brothers (The System) Workout Program Review gave the impression first on NOOB GAINS.

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