2022 World’s Strongest Man Events Released — Car Walk, Flintstone Barbell Return

The 2022 Global’s Most powerful Guy (WSM) is about to happen on Might 24-29, 2022, in Sacramento, CA. The premier match within the strongman sphere will another time see one of the international’s best power sports activities athletes vie for the mythical Barry Frank Trophy. On April 27, 2022, the WSM group printed this yr’s pageant’s respective … Learn extra
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The 2022 Global’s Most powerful Guy (WSM) is about to happen on Might 24-29, 2022, in Sacramento, CA. The premier match within the strongman sphere will another time see some of the world’s top strength sports athletes vie for the mythical Barry Frank Trophy. On April 27, 2022, the WSM group printed this yr’s pageant’s respective match structure.

2022 Global’s Most powerful Guy Tournament Agenda

This is the overall lineup and time table of occasions, together with the Qualifying Level and a two-day Finals:

Qualifying Spherical, Day 1 Tuesday, Might twenty fourth, 2022

  • Loading Race 
  • Deadlift Ladder

Qualifying Spherical, Day 2 Wednesday, Might twenty fifth, 2022

  • Automobile Stroll
  • Log Raise

Qualifying Spherical, Day 3 Thursday, Might twenty sixth, 2022

  • Wrecking Ball Hang
  • Stone Off

Ultimate, Day 1 Saturday, Might twenty eighth, 2022

Ultimate, Day 2 Sunday, Might twenty ninth, 2022

  • Bus Pull 
  • Reign Overall Frame Gas Energy Stairs
  • Atlas Stones

On the time of this writing, WSM has no longer introduced which athletes can be of their particular Qualifying Teams. Particularly, the 2021 WSM noticed other, random attracts for the more than a few occasions. This yr, each Qualifying Staff will take at the similar occasions.

The 2022 WSM structure will consist of 5 teams with six athletes each and every. The respective winner of each and every crew advances to the Ultimate, whilst the second one and third-place finishers will conflict in a Stone Off to notch a place within the Ultimate. The fourth, 5th, and sixth-place athletes will depart the contest.

Within the Stone Off, the onus is at the third-place finisher — who has the primary crack at lifting the stones and dangers removing in the event that they fail to finish a boost. That end result will hang even supposing they elevate the similar collection of stones as their competitor. The 5 respective winners of the Stone Off will take the remainder spots within the Ultimate.

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2022 WSM Tournament Breakdown

Listed here are extra specifics at the occasions that the competition can be expecting in Sacramento.

Loading Race

One in every of strongman’s standard occasions, the Loading Race will make every other look on the 2022 WSM. It used to be an match that each Qualifying Staff took phase in throughout the 2021 WSM.

The 2021 respective Loading Race winners are reigning WSM Champion Tom Stoltman, Maxime Boudreault, Konstantine Janashia, Kevin Faires, and Robert Oberst. Every of those competition has a spot within the 2022 lineup save for Oberst.

Deadlift Ladder

In the meantime, the Deadlift Ladder match makes its debut throughout the 2022 WSM. Competition will get started their deadlifts with 650-pound barbells and sooner or later paintings their method as much as 750 kilos. The athletes have an additional incentive to complete their pulls temporarily, which can praise them with extra issues.

Automobile Stroll

Every other match coming round again after a lack, the Automobile Stroll will see the athletes strap a Volkswagen Computer virus to their shoulders as they try to stroll it down a 25-meter trail. 2019 WSM Champion Martin Licis is a competitor to look at right here.

Licis in most cases excels with the Yoke Stroll — which has similarities to the Automobile Stroll, albeit with the automobile being extra unwieldy. The strongman overwhelmed a Yoke Stroll throughout the 2021 Rogue Invitational when he carried a 455-kilogram yoke (1,000-pound) 50 ft in simply over 44 seconds. That mark used to be sufficient to have Licis lap the following perfect competitor via nearly six seconds and garner a second-place end to Mateusz Kieliszkowski (41.74 seconds) — who just lately withdrew from the 2022 WSM pageant.

Log Raise

The Log Raise must be a spectacle to look at. Most of the featured athletes fare lovely neatly with their overhead power.

Bobby Thompson specifically can be beneath the microscope as he holds the American log elevate file with a 217.5-kilogram press (479.5 kilos) from the 2021 Conflict at the Coast. The 2021 Europe’s Most powerful Guy (ESM) Luke Stoltman must even be anyone to keep watch over. Stoltman holds the British log elevate file with a 221-kilogram press (487-pound) from the Global Final Strongman’s “Feat of Power” sequence.

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Wrecking Ball Hang

The Wrecking Ball Hang is making its first-ever look on the WSM pageant. Athletes may have the duty of lifting a large wrecking ball and maintaining it for so long as conceivable.

Stone Off

The Stone Off can be no wonder to the competition who’re in detail aware of the famed Atlas Stones. Tom “King of the Stones” Stoltman could be the favourite. He received the general Atlas Stones match (5 lifts in 20.21 seconds) throughout the 2021 WSM — a significant component in his eventual victory.

Two of the athletes, Trey Mitchell and 2022 ESM Champion Oleksii Novikov, must additionally make simple paintings of the stones. The 2 strongmen had a Stone Off for the ages throughout the 2019 WSM when Mitchell’s 14 a success staggering reps beat Novikov’s 13.

Together with his contemporary ESM victory, Novikov has certified for the rostrum in 13 of his ultimate 14 sanctioned competitions. He’s usually in quest of redemption after no longer advancing from the 2021 Qualifying Spherical.

Giants Medley

The KNAACK® Giants Medley is similar to the Loading Race, save for a construction that includes a field elevate and tremendous Yoke.


On the time of writing, the WSM group hasn’t showed whether or not the deadlift match is for a one-rep max or for reps. After tying for first (10 reps each and every) throughout the 2021 WSM, Mitchell and Adam Bishop are the reigning winners. Mitchell simply slightly ignored out on an eleventh rep prior to time expired.

Flintstone Barbell

But every other match making a return, the strongmen will elevate a couple of giants stone on each and every arm sleeve in what’s functionally a behind-the-neck press. They’re going to take turns making an attempt to boost the similar weights, with that quantity successively expanding in each and every spherical.

Bus Pull

The Bus Pull will see the athletes pull a Sacramento Regional Transit bus that weighs more or less 40,000 kilos in a race towards the clock. The bottom’s floor and the tires’ traction must surely play a task for the eventual victor.

Energy Stairs

The Energy Stairs asks the athletes to hold an anvil-esque put in force up a flight of stairs as speedy as they are able to.

This match used to be the wheelhouse for five-time WSM Champion Mariusz Pudzianowski — who in part received his 5th WSM identify in 2008 at the power of a stellar Energy Stairs efficiency.

Atlas Stones

As is the custom, the contest will shut with the Atlas Stones. Whilst Tom Stoltman can be liked, a variety of the opposite athletes like Licis, Mitchell, Novikov, and Brian Shaw percentage a identical talent with the Atlas Stones. In consequence, the development might as soon as much more likely make a decision this yr’s champion.

2022 Global’s Most powerful Guy Lineup

Right here’s the present checklist of athletes set to compete throughout this yr’s match:

  1. Tom Stoltman (United Kingdom) — Reigning WSM Champion
  2. Brian Shaw (United States) — 2021 WSM second position
  3. Maxime Boudreault (Canada) — 2021 WSM third position
  4. Mitchell Hooper (Canada)
  5. Pavlo Kordiyaka (Ukraine)
  6. Rob Kearney (United States)
  7. Gabriel Peña (Mexico)
  8. Kelvin de Ruiter (Netherlands)
  9. Kim Ujarak (Greenland)
  10. Mark Felix (United Kingdom)
  11. Pa O’Dwyer (Eire)
  12. Shane Plants (United Kingdom)
  13. Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Australia)
  14. Bobby Thompson (United States)
  15. Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia)
  16. Adam Bishop (United Kingdom)
  17. Evan Singleton (United States)
  18. Eythor Ingolfsson Melsted (Iceland)
  19. Konstantine Janashia (Georgia)
  20. Charles “Trey” Mitchell (United States)
  21. Mika Törrö (Finland)
  22. Peiman Maheripourehir (Iran)
  23. Luke Stoltman (United Kingdom)
  24. Bobby Thompson (United States)
  25. Kevin Faires (United States)
  26. Nedžmin Ambešković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  27. Gabriel Rheaume (Canada)
  28. Martins Licis (United States)
  29. Gavin Bilton (United Kingdom)
  30. Oleksii Novikov (Ukraine)

A number of attainable storylines lie in stay up for this yr’s pageant. Whilst Tom Stoltman is looking for a repeat, it might be the yr of an upstart who surprises and takes house the hallowed WSM identify.

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The submit 2022 World’s Strongest Man Events Released — Car Walk, Flintstone Barbell Return gave the impression first on Breaking Muscle.

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