13 Gym & Fitness Club Market Statistics for Australia

Australia ranked quantity seven (out of 169) at the checklist of the healthiest international locations on earth in 2019. So pronouncing that Aussies additionally flock to gyms like Anytime Health, Health First, and Goodlife Well being Golf equipment via the hundreds of thousands isn’t some “large divulge.” However that is. Be informed extra about Australia’s health club & health membership marketplace with
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Australia ranked quantity seven (out of 169) at the checklist of the healthiest international locations on earth in 2019. So pronouncing that Aussies additionally flock to gyms like Anytime Health, Health First, and Goodlife Well being Golf equipment via the hundreds of thousands isn’t some “large divulge.”

However this is. Be informed extra about Australia’s health club & health membership marketplace with those 13 statistics.

Gymnasium Club Is Rising In Contemporary Years

  1. In 2005–06, 12.6% of Aussies participated in health club or health actions. That quantity climbed to 17.1% via 2011–12 and a moderately upper 17.4% in 2013–14.
  2. Maximum Australian health club memberships belonged to privately owned golf equipment or franchise golf equipment in 2016.
  3. A quarter of Aussie health club individuals (24.8%) attended 24-hour gyms, even supposing handiest 5% selected their membership according to this perk.
  4. Just over 15% of Australians held health club memberships in 2020.
  5. The common Australian health club had 1,004 members in 2020.

Let’s Put Those Numbers Into Viewpoint

Australia had 23.5 million residents in June of 2014. An estimated 6.2 million Aussies held health club memberships (in 2021, however nonetheless). That crunches out to 26% of the full Australian inhabitants.

Part of them — or 3.1 million — visited not up to as soon as every week, and simply north of one.5 million had been individuals of 24-hour gyms.

The ones numbers aren’t too shabby till you evaluate them to different Aussie well being information.

Like the truth that Aussies had been two times as prone to be obese or obese (12.5 million) than health club individuals. A third as many general health club individuals have center illness, and some other 3rd (sure, there’s most certainly some overlap) have diabetes.

American citizens aren’t significantly better, although. Our health club club charges stood at about a quarter of the population in 2019, whilst 6.3% people let our membership perks cross to waste.

Plus, the actual statistics turn out that Australia doesn’t even crack the highest ten at the checklist of the international locations with essentially the most general gym memberships. (The U.S., Germany, the U.Okay., Brazil, and France lead the pack there.)

Australia’s Maximum Widespread Gymnasium Franchises & Golf equipment

Australia is house to greater than 6,462 fitness centers and well being golf equipment. However which franchises and golf equipment lead the area because the unofficial fan favorites?

  • Fitness First memberships supply just about limitless get right of entry to to its 60+ 24/7 Australia golf equipment, which host team health categories, on-site private coaching, and PlayZone amenities for youngsters.
  • Goodlife Health Clubs proudly touts greater than 270,000 individuals, 80 golf equipment, boxing and HIIT categories, and a comforting 7-day-money-back-guarantee.
  • Anytime Fitness is a world health logo with a wide array of coaching perks, from treadmills and lateral X running shoes to Zumba categories and spin periods.
  • F45 Training flourishes on the concept that of practical health and focuses on team categories, HIIT periods to maximise calorie burn, and conventional 45-minute coaching to torch 750 energy.
  • Crunch Fitness is but some other global well being logo and the most well liked Planet Health choice for individuals who don’t purchase into the anti-deadlift, squat, and bench craze — reasonably priced, with team categories and a sea of weightlifting apparatus.

The common Aussie spends $95 per month on health club memberships — or $70.51 U.S. bucks and about $28.26 greater than a fitness center club within the States.

Which Health Actions Do Australians Experience Maximum?

The Aussies skate via as “reasonably lively.” An AusPlay survey from the mid-2010s exposed the most well liked sports activities and health actions Down Below:

  1. Strolling
  2. Health & health club
  3. Swimming
  4. Working
  5. Biking
  6. Soccer (football)
  7. Tennis
  8. Bushwalking
  9. Basketball
  10. Golfing

Australians also are lively extra days than now not. In truth, the Australian Bureau of Statistics discovered that 73.4% of younger adults exercised for the prescribed 150+ mins every week in 2020–21, whilst handiest 23% of Americans may just say the similar in 2018.

Who Is Extra More likely to Have a Gymnasium Club?

  1. Australian girls had been a lot more prone to be health membership individuals and take part in athletic actions than males in 2016 (1.875 million vs. 1.448 million).
  2. In Australia, the 18–34-year-old age group is perhaps to seek advice from the health club, whilst the 55-and-up team is least prone to attend.
  3. Nearly two million (1.8 million) Aussies elderly 25–35 visited health golf equipment in 2020, with the 55–64 and <18 age teams reporting the bottom turn-out.
  4. The Australian health industry exploded in 2021, due to the surge in hobby in practical health, which attracted individuals who had been rich or low on time.

The Age & Gender Bodily Health Tendencies

Plot twist — Aussie youths are in reality some of the most inactive kids in the world, with 9 in ten teenagers failing to fulfill the bodily task tips. However regardless of all that, the more youthful crowd and males fare the most efficient at the health entrance Down Below.

Half of the Aussie men (or 59%) are “sufficiently lively,” with task ranges subtly shedding between the 18–24 age teams and the 65+ crowd. Research from 2016 additionally means that Australian boys — who had been 19% extra lively than ladies — felt extra inspired at house to stay have compatibility.

Young Aussie adults rank inspiration to reinforce their bodily health (75%) and amusing (53%) as their best two causes to coach. In the meantime, the commonest excuses for heading off workout within the 18–24 age team had been a loss of time (37%), deficient well being (12%), and flat-out laziness (11%).

How Ceaselessly Do Aussies Use Their Gymnasium Memberships?

No longer steadily sufficient, in accordance to a few experiences. Finder published that fewer than part of Aussies with health club memberships seek advice from their health membership as soon as every week (or extra), totaling a lack of $2.4 billion according to yr in wasted health club memberships.

Those who do hit Aussie gyms prefer weights (34%), aerobic (28%), and team health categories (15%), whilst just about part of health club individuals (42%) educate 3–5 occasions every week. Every other 22% swipe into their fitness center two times every week, and 19% workout on the health club 5–6 occasions weekly.

COVID-19 Affects On Gymnasium Memberships and the Health Trade

  1. Whilst 30% of Aussies held health club memberships pre-COVID-19, simply 27% visited their chosen club not up to as soon as every week.
  2. Through 2021, 53% of Aussies surveyed returned to their well being golf equipment, and simply 15.2% canceled their memberships all the way through the pandemic.
  3. Every other survey of the Australian health trade found out that 42% of gym attendees canceled their memberships (or no less than regarded as it).
  4. Professionals predicted the Australian health trade would nosedive by 5.8% — on the mercy of COVID-19 — between 2020 and 2021.

Workout Tendencies Within the COVID-19 Generation

The Coronavirus pandemic was once the buzzkill of the century in each conceivable method, however how precisely did it affect Australia’s health conduct? A learn about revealed in BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation in March of 2022 analyzed simply that.

Right here’s what researchers categorized the largest winners and losers of COVID-19:

  • The standard Aussie participated in 3.6 sports activities or health actions.
  • Ladies had been moderately much more likely to take part in athletics all the way through the pandemic.
  • Males had been much more likely to shorten and reduce their workout periods.
  • Bowls, cricket, swimming, and netball noticed the best declines in participation.
  • Jogging, strolling, yoga, bushwalking, and biking spiked in reputation all the way through COVID-19.
  • Metro spaces boosted their jogging, strolling, and yoga participation, whilst non-metro spaces took up boxing, bushwalking, and biking.

Day-to-day step counts throughout Australia additionally sunk via 4.7–7.0% between the primary COVID-19 circumstances and lockdown. Alternatively, the near-10,000-step-per-day moderate temporarily recovered a couple of months later when the federal government lifted lockdowns, reviving Australia’s standard task ranges.

Did COVID-19 Ravage the Australian Health Trade?

The COVID-19 pandemic left many Aussie health club homeowners feeling hopeless. Even after lockdowns had been lifted, a quarter of Australians had but to go back to their common health routines, health spending dropped via 39%, and 60% meant to observe digital exercises transferring ahead.

The apparently unending pandemic additionally compelled 81% of Aussie fitness professionals to sacrifice their number one supply of source of revenue, and 71% had been clientless between March and Would possibly 2020.

But, COVID-19 additionally didn’t totally obliterate the Australian leg of the health trade. Seventy-one % of Australians nonetheless want in-person exercises, and 52.8% of gym members returned to their house golf equipment via August 2020.

Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic briefly devastated Australia’s health trade, it’s additionally getting better just about as temporarily because it collapsed.


What Share Of Other people Cross to the Gymnasium In Australia?

Of the 15.3% of Australians with lively health club memberships, handiest one in five seek advice from their health golf equipment much less than as soon as a month. Simply 50% of Australia’s health club individuals attend their health membership once or more every week to determine.

Is the Gymnasium Trade Rising In Australia?

Australia’s gym industry is on a gradual decline, reporting marketplace losses of about 5.5% per year between 2017 and 2022. Publish-COVID-19, monetary mavens are expecting the Australian arm of the health club trade will rebound.


Australia’s health and health club membership marketplace is ready stage with the U.S. — a number of alternatives, however only a few who profit from their sources. Alternatively, health club memberships aren’t the one approach to measure how lively a country is.

Coaching at house, logging 10,000 steps according to day, or pursuing a role with heavy handbook hard work are all choice strategies for staying lively with out spending $95/month on a health club club.

All that issues is you’re staying have compatibility!

The put up 13 Gym & Fitness Club Market Statistics for Australia seemed first on NOOB GAINS.

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